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Beyond the Equipment - Lens Choice in the Digital Era

CINEMATOGRAPHER WILLIAM WAGES cites Ability to Change Focal Lengths without Switching Lenses, Optical Quality and Size Discussed as Top Advantages for Filmmakers
For William Wages, ASC, filmmaking is first and foremost about storytelling. His role, as a premier cinematographer, is to capture the best performances with the least intrusion. “It’s less about the technology, and more about the story,” he relates in the latest video by Fujifilm, “Conversation with William Wages, ASC.”

Cinematographer William Wages, ASC Talks Lens Choices from FUJINON Lenses on Vimeo.

The winner of three ASC Awards, including ASC Career in Television honors in 2012, and two Emmy nominations, Wages isknown forhis sumptuous landscape and intimatephotographyin features such as Maya Angelou’s “Down in the Delta,” Roland Joffe’s“The Forgiven,” and Steven Spielberg’s TV mini-series “Into the West,” as well as his development of filmmaking tools that create more efficiency and transparency on set.
His primary lens cho…

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