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new baby coming today

so we are at the hospital, wife got the epidural, finally getting some sleep contractions coming on thanks to more drugs, waiting for more dialation, water has not broken yet, just a matter of time...

on our way to the hospital

contractions are 5mins apart were on our way to the hospital

Baby update we have more action

Ok so the plug went round 1am and we have contractions, timing them and waiting for the water to break then will make the dash for the hospital if it warrants, will keep yall updated.

No baby yet sheese

This is starting to get like those damn jack in the box toys, that seem all nice and luring with it's soft happy music just to stop and scare the shit out of you when that damn thing jumps out of the box in your face! So today we just ran mass errands all within a 5 block radius of my work, why cant i shake that place even on vacation. Speaking of I'm having some trouble getting out of "work" mode, I find that when 5ish rolls around I get all anxious like i've only got a finite amount of time do shit till it's time to go to bed. I need to get in vacation zen mode and it aint happening, I find myself creating daily to do lists then plowing through it, note to self, chill. I'm psyched Pan's Labyrinth is finally out at the Westfield and I've been dying to see it, do yourself a favor and do it as well.


A truck carrying Fuel Grade Uranium Dioxide tipped over coming down the exit ramp at the intersection of I-95 and I-40 in Johnson County, North Carolina on Thursday. The story briefly broke on Anderson Cooper's 360 with a singular photo of the truck laying over on it's side. The story is almost NON-Existent in the news loops. Read it here ! (Pix capture from CNN)

Damn now i have to kick the soda!

Baby dont want out

Can u blame it? On the good news we finally have a bit of dialation, earliest arrival could be tomorrow but likely to be later. Wife wants it out pronto, can't blame her, sleep has been at a premium but i think thats just training for whats to come. Saw Scanner Darkly today, it was great, why this movie has not exploded is pretty typical of the general movie viewing audience. P.K. Dick was a genius sci fi was so under rated although this story has a lot more to offer than some dumb space opera, a must see. Oh god and have you guys seen the trailer for the new fantastic 4 movie coming out in june 07? I know I know, i get nauseas just thinking about the first movie but man they introduce the silver surfer in this one and he looks amazing. yeah i too predict the story and actors will be garbage but eh.

merry xmas eve

Sat around today waiting for a baby, but nothing yet minus alot of uncomfortable wife. got the wife a pedi then hit starbucks and read for a bit, walked by a young woman reading the bible I think it was the book of "Corinthians", I found it strange in that I never randomly see people just reading the bible. About to watch "A Scanner Darkly"

Trasformers Trailer begin tripping nerdlings

Sign this or your an idiot

Al Gore is ready to build on the success of "An Inconvenient Truth" and start organizing to solve the climate crisis. He's working to get hundreds of thousands of messages to Congress demanding real action to stop global warming. And he's asking for our help. Can you help out by signing the petition at the link below? If you do, Al Gore will personally deliver our comments to Congress. I just did it myself and it only takes a second.


I was being Mr. Nice guy at home flattening some plastic in our recycle bin, but someone forgot to tell me that there was a broken vase in there. So as I shoved the palm of my hand down I drove it into the knife shaped glass, I didn't realize anything until it was inside and i felt and saw lots and I mean lots of blood starting to flow. I unstabbed myself then the blood really really started to flow, I said, "oh shit" the wife thought i was joking till she saw the purple flowing out of my hand down the sink. I knew I was beyond band aid country when the blood would not stop flowing, so I made a drip line to the bathroom for a clean towel and apply pressure. Wife said something about holding it above my heart, I suggested we take a ride to the emergency room. Wife made some sort of make shift bandage and I drove to the tenderloin one handed (thank you automatic). 2 hours later with many other wackos, broken limbers, suicide attempters, kidney stone folks, flu types, I fina

I got a grill

It's a strange point in life when your body begins decaying, I know we always decay but when you lose a part of you it's a little different. My rear tooth was cracked and to save it I had to have a crown put on. Now when they put a crown on the dentist basically grinds what was your tooth down to a stump. On that stump they glue a crown, gold is the best because it's a soft metal and they dont have to take as much of the tooth out. The up side of all this is that I now have a bad ass gold tooth, sure I could have got one of those mamby pamby porceline ones or a white gold one but f that I went old school .... sigh. I still need to buy a car seat asap, and trying to choose a stroller is a pain in the arse, too many choices makes adolfo a mad boy. In the financial district I see cars running red lights all the time, I know it's just a matter of time before I see someone get creamed, I'm dreading it.

The Music Biz gets its own 2.0

Image -- By deferring the cost and talent of scouting to a crowd of music lovers, SellaBand puts powerful marketing and production tools into the hands of those with a personal interest in the music. It ’s one of several examples of crowdfunding -- and it could change how the music business is organized. More…

Apple iPhone coming in Jan.

Leaked information about the iPhone. Features include: 2 separated batteries (so you dont have to worry about the mp3 player draining the phone battery), 2 capacities - 4 and 8 gigs, $249, $449, flash memory, slide out keyboard, touchscreen on the outside and is supposed to be very small.