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Expensive Bar Drinks No More #76

Nerd Stalker interview with Urban Pre-Game Founder, Ben Fisher in NYC. Urban Pre-game is the first online service to let you buy drinks at a steep discount before you even get to the bar. The more your group buys, the deeper your discount. It's all about ganging up on the price and making the most of your night. Urban Pre-game lets you drink in bars at grocery store prices by buying in bulk with your friends. Pre-buy as a group, but pay for your portion online. The price-per-drink drops as your group's drink total increases. And everyone in your group gets the final low price. Everyone. Pre-gamers collectively saved about $500 at their New Years Eve event. Beer and mixed-drinks at one price that's easy to swallow. Please drink responsibly.

Scred A Cool Money Manager For Groups, Bands, and More #75

Scred is a Finnish startup that helps groups of people manage their money. It allows bands, associations, businesses, etc, to keep track of their accounting, finance, send invoices, manage an online shop. The business model is a small transaction fee. The service recently launched a "version 2", with an improved design and simplified user experience, which Kristoffer Lawson (co-founder and CEO) describes in the video. Scred is a service for managing money for groups of people. With it you can track income, profit, debt, revenues and shared expenses between the members of a group. Used by e.g. flatmates, travelers, bands, hobby groups, mini-businesses, amateur film creators and artists.

Get your Euro shop on with Shobbel #74

Nerd Stalker contributor Ramine Darabiha , interviews Jori Lallo , one of the founders of Finnish startup Shobble . Shobble is a service that allows users to submit and rate different stores. The site just launched, and currently focuses on women's products. The problem is quite simple: buying products online requires a lot of trust, and in Europe, delivery is often an issue. The service is being built by a single student, Jori Lallo, who happens to be one of the team members of Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, which we've covered earlier here .

HTC Incredible Debut at The 99% Conference #73

Couch Surfing The Web With Napstay #72

Nerd Stalker interview with the founder of Napstay at a recent SF New Tech. What is Napstay? With more space, amenities, privacy and savings up to 50% compared to hotels - Napstay claims to be a better way to travel. * Rent nightly vacation homes, condos, villas and apartments * Book online with credit cards or paypal * View user reviews, ratings and photos * Get a cancellation guarantee with every booking Post your rental for FREE * Post only once, listing does not expire * Accept credit cards or paypal online * Manage availability online * Market to Facebook users