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Good listen

Yet another Brooklyn art rock band but The Cloud Room really have the chops, they r my current fave band.

Small is the new big

This is the projector the micronauts used, I must have one. This tiny projector from Mitsubishi is the first of many to use a small DLP chipset to make a tiny, easily-pocketable projector (it’s a nascent trend this year). Two things make the ‘Pocket LED DLP’ possible, and one of them is the new superbright LED backlight that makes this unit not only more power efficient, but let susceptible to the bangs of transport.

I love boy bands

ok not really but "OK GO" would be my fave, the dancing is amazing. Check out the vid .

Oh man I hope this is true

Looks like a development group wants to pull eminent domain on Justice Souters ass, karma baby.

2157 photos of the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island

This looks like it would have been way fun and come on Burning Man is so 2000.

Typeset drawing

Thanks to Mary for this flash goodie it's called Typedrawing created by our friends at need I say more?

The Greatest Poker Player

There is a book out about Stu Ungar the best poker/gin player ever. Stu was the most extreme character I've ever read about, give it a look .

Lets go to Nebraska now

I would kill to see clouds like these .

Finally a sub $800 media center system

Gateway just announced this long awaited system and it actually looks decent.

Billy Corgan Says He Wants To Re-Form Smashing Pumpkins

They went out in a good way, has anyone really listened to much Zwan or his solo stuff? Yeah me neither, I saw SP do a rehersal show once in a gymnasium at the end of Height st. and it was incredible. Look forward to the possibility of a return .

Look who's back

I'm so there! Dinosaur Jr. The Fillmore San Francisco, CA Thursday, August 18 at 9:00 PM On Sale Sunday, June 26 at 10:00 AM

Film Frame will stump you

My buddy John (I know he's gonna hate the "buddy" reference) has a weekly-ish game called " Film Frame " (or at least that's what the top of the page says). In this game you get a frame from a movie and who ever figures it out first is cooler than you. Good luck.

F iTunes DRM

I hate the iTunes Store Digital Rights Management, if you've ever tried sharing your music with others you get the lock down. With JHymn DRM goes bye bye, hmmmwhahahahaha

You like this, I like that, We like these

I know most of you are not as cool as me and wish you were, well now theres help. Check out Liveplasma a great music, movie, reference type site.


Yep they did it very cool online video phone courtesy of our hero's at Skype .

Free version of Linspire

Linspire the company that used to be Lindows, is a nice Linux os that goes for 50 bucks but you can legally download it free.

Click Red

This flash based game is my new crack, dear got I can't get past tiny square first level arghhhh!

Find more drunks like you!

Alcoholix social networking never got better, and import some bars while your at it.

Dr. Octapaw

well almost, 6 legged doggy found cute yet freaky.

Junk Design

Tiffany creates beauty from all the things we take for granted and throw away, I dig the egg crate table.

John Daker: Internet Super Star!

and he probably doesn't even know it! According to the FAQ on the website, "My Name is John Daker", these unintentionally hilarious video clips are from a public access television show. On the show, the Daker and friends gather to sing songs and tell jokes. Bob Spencer (pictured on the left) sings "I left my heart in San Francisco", and the "Amazing Pearl Gross" performs a smashing comedy routine that will leave you in stitches! Check out " My Name is John Daker " and archive the videos before the server crumbles. Enjoy!

The Great Swindle

Swindle magazine is almost as cool as my blog, almost.

Office Prank Examples

I'm plotting against you and you know who you are.

Bloc Party Live Tonight

One of my fave new bands "Bloc Party" are playing live tonight on NPR check it out .

F the police

When I was 16 I did the brilliant thing and got a candy apple red T-top camero z28. Needless to say I went through tickets like kleenex, I could have used something like this .

It's all about the Ivan Henrys

Old school pix of bands wearing matching outfits.

Save NPR & PBS this time it's for real

The House is threatening to eliminate all public funding for NPR and PBS, starting with "Sesame Street," "Reading Rainbow" and other commercial-free children's shows. I hate petitions too but come on do it .

I'm still laughing

Spamusement takes spam email subject lines as inspiration for halarious drawings, u have to see this.

Ur female, 30, and not married yet? Uh oh

I hate it when I hear idiots say that to women, but I it's funny when women actually believe it (You know who you are!). Anyhow if you want to stoke the flames of fear check out the cat lady action figures .

Tom Cruise is a freak

Free Katie now .

Apple computer: Is Piracy the Pathway to Profits?

Interesting article from Apple Matters.

A better cheaper place for tech books

Book pool is a cool company with the best prices, much respect.

Cool link YubNub

Tired of saving your web favorites locally? YubNub is an Internet command line tool that allows you to assign "commands" (think keyword shortcuts) to any URL you like. For example, type in "/." and YubNub directs you to "adolfo" catapults you to this very page (I created it myself, naturally). As long as your command isn't already taken, you could dream up whatever little interweb nicknames you desire, assign them to your favorite URLs, and they'll be consistent no matter what computer you hop onto. Check out the current command list to see what others are adding, and then add YubNub to your Firefox search bar .

Cuba must suck

Wow this group fashioned a cuban cab into a boat to get the hell away from Fidel.

I'm embarrased to admit it

but I secretly love the Harry Potter books and if your a closet nerdling or not, u should check out the new Goblet Of Fire trailer .

Cirque light?

So I'm looking for talent for my company party and came upon a circus troop ala Gregangelo . Went and saw thier show for kids called "Heliosphere Jr." at The Yerba Buena For the Arts Center in SF, it was very cool. Just keep in mind the clown act is for the kids and the other talent was very impressive and a great price.

The Davinci Code Movie

Yes Ron Howard and gang are doing a film version of the best selling book lets hope Tom Hanks doesn't butcher this one. Looks like a strong cast, the current trailer is just one big narrated cgi.

I feel so dirty

Just saw the movie " Enron: The Smartes Guys In The Room " all I can say is god damn. I'm all for capitalism and all but these mofo's couldn't even sell a product for a profit. Instead they had to do some bs accounting based on future earnings, insano crooks go see it now.

These bags are hecka fresh

These guys make all kinds of bags out of recycled ads so damn cool. Yeah it's in spanish so get over it.

Me crush u with rock

So last Sat. my homeboy Chris Sawyer from the greatest wine mag in the world Wine X , told me that I've got to come back to the RoShamBo tourney this year. I should beat all of you to a pulp for not ever visiting this amazing winery. If you go, tell Naomi to quit calling and hanging up on me so much.

Your so stupid with your money...

Wanna not be lame with your money? Go freakin learn something! This guy is the Vader of money.

Kid Art

Some artist has taken childrens drawings and converted them to amazing artwork .

GenArt Fashion Show

So I went to a pretty cool fashion show brought to us by the folks at GenArt . As usual I had to refuse all the photographer requests to take my photo and refused all model requests for my number.

Buy me one of these

I work in a place where I have to dress rather square so to keep my two demensions I've got to get one of these from Siemens.

Bought my Kings Of Leon Tix today

Kings of Leon are playing the Fillmore two nights in a row, sex with models rock on!

Legal Bit Torrent Content?

Yup and it's good, Kevin Rose (along with others) have finally pulled their heads out of their asses and put out some great deep tech video together in the form of a net only show called Systm u should check it out.

Nerdy Podcasts Rule

I've been listening to TWIT lately, a podcast that Leo Laport has put together. I was a fan of the ill fated TechTV show "The Screensavers" since it's inception and was a neighbor of it's producer Paul Block. If you like very cool geeky discussion of all things tech take a listen.

electro fillmore

Saw Fischerspooner last night at the Warfield , looks like it was sold out. As usual I had the tallest guys in SF standing in front of me. The band (yes it was an actual band this time) started with a video of a song they would play later (wierd I know). Lead singer has really short hair now, they did the usual dance routines, costume changes, crowd surfing routine but again the live band made it all worth while. Couple nights before that I had epic seats at the Warfield for the Pixies late show, they were great by the second half of the set. Blacks voice was very hoarse, I know they want to cash in now that they have babies to feed but quality is key. Again I say they are one of the most important bands of gen x and y.