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I f'ing love xmas!

I love winter, if it were up to me there would be 365 days of it. I know everyone thinks I'm nuts when I say that but i'll take the cold over heat any day. Bummer bout this global warming crisis, if it was an ice age i'd be smiling all the way to Armageddon. With this kooky time of year comes kooky xmas music, I must admit i'm a sucker for most of it. Granted Starbucks has coopted the idea of listening to the warm and fuzzy music and cozying up to some hot chocolate, but doesn't that sound nice all the same? My favorite xmas song was this duet by the oddest couple i've ever seen, Bing Crosby and David Bowie. Check out the vid above in all it's glory but for some interesting color read this 06 article on it too. Happy holidays all, hope you all get exactly what you deserve.

Adobe Envy

I wish Microsoft would come out with something comparable to Adobes Thermo for ria design/development see the sneak peak here it's pretty damn impressive.