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MIMvista - Nerd Stalker #33

(5 mins) At MacWorld, Nerd Stalker interviews Jeremy Brockway, Director of Software Architecture at Mimvista . Mimvista is the maker of the most important iPhone app you have never seen, until now. MIMvista Corp. is the provider of practical solutions for radiologists and oncologists. Their initial product offering has become the leading third party PET/CT software package. Subsequently, they have developed industry leading software in the fields of Radiology/Nuclear Medicine, Neuroimaging, Cardiac Imaging, and Radiation Oncology.

ffwd - Nerd Stalker #32

(8 mins) Nerd Stalker visits the San Francisco Soma headquarters of ffwd to speak with CEO Patrick Koppula. Koppula is an entertainment battle-tested entrepreneur formerly of iLike, but you would never know it based on the down to Earth demeanor. The man is bright and insightful; he is passionate about ffwd's mission and future. ffwd is to video what Pandora is to streaming music, the application does an amazing job at learning your tastes and creating online video channels customized based on your viewing habits. Beating out YouTube, ffwd recently won Mashable's People's Choice award for best video solution. ffwd has a fantastic web browser experience but they will soon have a great TV, DVD player, and mobile experience as well. They also have a great partnership with our friends over at Boxee so look for that integration. It has unlimited content potential syndicating from any source including YouTube, Funny or Die, New York Times, Comedy Central, Hulu and CBS. They hav