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Maximize your water use.

Why everyone doesn't have one of these boggles my mind.

Miss South Carolina Tubes Map


Break out the tissue.

New Coen Brothers Movie

Props to John for the tip.

Cate Blanchette as Dylan

The Australian actress is one of several people to portray the legendary musican in the sanctioned biopic I’m Not There, directed by the great Todd Haynes.

Tin Foil Hat?

Are you one of those paranoid types that has a bunker in the backyard and are a member of a militia? Or just a tad concerned over privacy? Well then you may be interested in very cool open source application called TrueCrypt , it's easy to use and yes free as in beer.

Send a murder news scene

I've already sent a few of these out, thanks to Dexter the greatest show on TV right now. You can send a breaking news footage with your recipients name and message in the news cast.

Making the Broken

submitting by Biggy

Daft Punk Movie Trailer

Electroma is the name I hear it's awesome, check out the trailer here .


Got my tix for his spoken word show in SF, f'ing godhead.