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Vid of DEA agent shooting himself in the foot

then he continues his lecture limping, freakin ironic what he says before the bullet goes through his foot.

Do these make my ass look big?

Gap is giving a free iTunes download when you try on a pair of jeans.

We Jam Econo

Saw a very interesting flic last night about the legendary so cal punk band The Minutemen . " We Jam Econo " brings together a ton of old footage with commentary from some of the greats.

Drop some knowledge

Room to Read is an amazing non profit that my buddy Emily works at. They go to some gnarly places in this messed up world and make it good check it out and if you feel inclined kick down or at least spread the word.

Microsoft actually did something almost cool

MS has incubated a company called who has been making some cool rss/ajax stuff. Very impressive drag and drop features and extremely fast.

How to fold a dollar into a shirt

My right sleeve got kind of hosed, impress ur friends.

Scanner Darkly Trailer

on the quicktime website looks amazing.

SF Grafitti finally gets some props

in this movie. We live in the shadow of the East coast but there is some amazing SF work to be seen.

This is the part in Sprocket ven ve dance

One day I will have a house that looks like a pretentious art gallery, check out these unique faucets .

Tenacious D Movie Site Is Up

Penetrator !

Just got back from Kings Of Leon

first night in San Francisco's Fillmore. Missed the opening band but caught the never ending Jesus Mary Chain rip off band called The Secret Machines . As my buddy Frank said, "That was the longest hour of my life". It was all freaking light show, if this band had no light show it would have sucked even worse. They seemed like they may be good cd music, but definately not a live band. Ok so getting to Kings of Leon, they put a solid performance in with all the usual stuff plus a new song. They gave their obligatory, "You guys make last nights place look like d-bags" blah blah blah. I got a great Fillmore poster too, oh forgot to mention the stumbling drunk irish guy behind me who yelled/spat the whole time like he was the singer for Celtic Frost or something.

Everyone is talkin bout this keyboard

The Optimus keyboard has L.e.d buttons which can have unique images on them take a look .

Damn U Sharper Image

I was so about to buy one of those Air Purifiers cause I live next to a freeway, but turns out they are crap and unhealthy.

Skype goes wireless

Oh la la i'm such a VOIP groupie, cant wait to get on it .


Finally a photostitcher that requires you to do almost nothing to make it work, pretty nice.

Build your own projector system

Pretty damn clever .

website of beauty

The photography and creativity of the Visionaire site is so very. Oh and turn off your pop up blocker for it.

When cats fly

all kinds of insano gravity defying going on's.

New drug blocks HIV from entering cells

This will be an incredible tool if it makes it live.

Opera adds bit torrent

In their new browser pretty nice, if they improve the css support it could be a contender.

I love CSS

and other new and efficient ways to create websites, well the folks at Reboot have selected the winners for 2005 go take a look.

Mommy, baby wants weather!!!!

No really David Lynch himself is giving daily weather reports from his place, too damn cool.

I am the batman

Rumor has it Sean Penn is in talks to be the next Joker.

Laugh till u cry

Do you love to eat? Do you laugh at the sorrows of others? Then Crying While Eating is for you, oh and it's just bizarro halarious.