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X-Men: Last Stand Post-Credits Scene?

At the theater this weekend, when the credits roll, when the audiences begins to filter out of the exits... keep your seat. And then, perhaps, share this little secret with a few of your friends: the movie isn\'t over. read more

INSANE Mosaic! Check this out... crazy.

This is crazy. It goes on forever... please. I'm begging you. Check it out... read more

The Coolest Looking BMW Ever

The BMW Coupe Concept Mille Miglia 2006 is so revolutionary it doesn't even have doors! read more

Proprtions - How Small We Really Are

Basically it's models of the stars in our solar system that give a sense of perspective. But you got to see it to understand why it's so worthy. read more

SLC Punk

Maddox has the 2nd best blog besides mine I've ever read, oh yeah and he's got a book coming out u should buy. Whats in the water in Utah?

Get Yahoo Maps directions on your iPod

iPod Directions is using the Yahoo Maps API and some clever coding to make it super easy for you to grab directions (and maps!) and put those in your iPod. Thanks to for reporting on the story. read more

Amazing Video of 110 mph BICYCLE crash

This is what it looks like when your high-tech mountain bike snaps in half as you are riding down the side of a volcano at 110mph (172 kmh). read more

Watch TV online for FREE

forget paying for cable online tv aka iptv is the new trend and now that you finally have broadband you can watch some very cool stuff here are some links to do so:

Congress Wants to Ban Online Gaming

One of many controversial bills designed to regulate the internet has passed favorably out of a congressional subcommittee. This particular bill would attempt to ban certain types of online gaming � including online poker. It is unclear if this is even possible or what the bill would ultimately mean for the internet. read more


This is THE teaser trailer for Casino Royale, the new James Bond English (as opposed to the French version earlier this week. read more