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Lawyer declares ‘I am not a cat’ to judge in Zoom filter fiasco

Just when you thought Zoom culture had brought you every embarrassing situation possible, from pantless politicians to parish council dust-ups and dildoes on shelves, it’s pulled another viral rabbit out of the hat. Or rather, a kitten. Lawyers (supposedly) deal in facts, but few will ever have to clarify their species to a judge. Enter Texas lawyer Rod Ponton, whose Zoom settings meant he had to address a judge via the mouth of a very cute kitten. Unable to change the filter, he uttered a sentence that will be included in every 2021 end-of-year quiz:  ‘I am not a cat.’ The judge, Roy Ferguson of Texas’s 394th judicial district, was sympathetic, replying, ‘I can see that.’ Carole Baskin is yet to comment on the matter

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