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Korean Startup Quora-tizes Music Video Recommendations

Image Screenshot With all the videos out there, sometimes we need recommendation help from our friends. That is what Ian Lee and Nick Szabo of promises. We met these startup entrepreneurs at Founders Space 's "The Future of Korea" event last year and we caught up with them to hear about their new revision of their product. Originally, was a social music playlist platform, like a "Quora for Music Recommendation" and now they announced their new beta will be focused on sharing your favorite music videos. Watch Ian and Nick as they demo about their product, share how they founded their startup and talk about expanding their business strategy.

Sugr Cube - Touch to Stream and Share Music

Sugr Cube is a powerful Wi-Fi speaker to stream online music. Use touch and gesture to control music playback. Share music with remote friends and listen simultaneously. Sugr Cube is designed without any buttons. Playback control is achieved with touch and motion. It feels natural when you touch on the glossy wood surface. Sugr Cube is designed without any cables. It streams music directly over Wi-Fi. Smartphones can be remote controller. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for 7 hours music playback. Sugr Cube will be available in July 2015 Sugr Cube’s Kickstarter pre-order price is $119.00 but the MSRP will be $199. Learn More

Safeti: Your On-Demand Personal #Safety Concierge

Safeti is the world's first handheld personal-safety alert system with a private safety concierge service at the click of a button. With a click of a button, the device sends out a customizable SOS message and GPS location to your emergency contacts and 911. By pairing Safeti with your smartphone using the Safeti app, you can easily tailor a list of emergency contacts, as well as the alert message they will receive when trouble occurs. To maximize portability, Safeti has a TriO core, which utilizes GPS satellite technology to pinpoint your location virtually anywhere in the world without the need for the Internet or phone connectivity. Safeti Example Use Cases: - End of the night in the city after a fun night out - A child walking home from school - An elderly person fearing a medical emergency - A college student out alone - A runner going on a nighttime jog Learn more .

Alfred Remote The ultimate iOS command centre for Alfred 2

Alfred Remote is your personal command centre for Alfred 2 for Mac. Your iPhone or iPad now becomes a perfect day-long companion to your Mac. Use handy icons on iOS to control many Alfred 2 actions on your Mac, replacing your hard-to-remember hotkeys and keywords. Launch apps, files and websites, control your music, keep useful text snippets at hand and boost your productivity by connecting Remote to your favourite Alfred 2 workflows. To use Alfred Remote’s core actions, you’ll need Alfred v2 on your Mac (available for free), and the ability to connect your Mac and iOS device to the same network. To control Alfred 2's Powerpack actions and make the most of Remote, you'll need a Powerpack license for Alfred 2 on your Mac. Read More

The Startup Episode 1 Tech Comedy

The Startup Episode 1: Welcome to LA - watch more funny videos You might get a laugh out of this new Comedy web series called the Startup. It's based on our real experience of working at the biggest venture-funded startup failure in US history. For every fantastic startup that makes it big, there's a million of these, and sometimes people should be reminded of that. Anyone who is interested in Startups will probably get a good laugh watching this. It stars Parvesh Cheena from Outsourced, Peter Shinkoda from Falling Skies / Daredevil and James Kyson from Heroes. They even got their own Victoria's Secret Angel in it. Manish starts his new job at Pump'd- LA's hottest new media startup. Within his first few minutes on the job, he sees his dream job becoming a nightmare. Starring Parvesh Cheena, Peter Shinkoda, Sonal Shah, James Kyson, Aurelia Scheppers, Linc Hand, K.Harrison Sweeney, Zabeth Russell, Bryan Coffee, James Giordano, Julia Carpenter, Chris

Record any audio, with Audio Hijack 3

It's been a long time coming, but today Rogue Amoeba introduces Audio Hijack 3 . It's immediately available for Mac OS X 10.9 and up, and it's a huge upgrade. Audio Hijack is a powerful utility for recording any audio on Mac OS X. Audio from individual applications like Safari or Skype, hardware audio devices like microphones and mixers, and even the entire system audio output, can all be saved. Simply put, if it can be heard on Mac OS X, Audio Hijack can record it. See the video of it here .

Founder Space Startup Events in February You Can't Miss

Have a startup? Looking for funding? Here are some events to help you find some potential funding opportunities in February from Founders Space . Check them out!

Mobile photographers can earn revenue?

As sites like Flickr and Instagram continue to grow their user base, the rich supply of content becomes a powerful asset for potential end users like advertisers and media. A major challenge for industry authorities is determining how to leverage this content while preserving the rights and interests of its creators. Some sites have come under fire for selling user photos without compensation - Flickr recently issued an apology  for its controversial sales through the Flickr Wall Art platform. Others have created opportunity for users to seek out profit - Scoopshot recently launched IAN, the first platform where mobile photographers can earn advertising revenue from ads embedded in their photos. Find out more here .

Dark Deception has been completely rebuilt and is better than ever. #vr #virtualreality

Dark Deception is back on Kickstarter Help support their quest to build an amazing VR horror experience! Dark Deception has been completely rebuilt and is better than ever. They've added a ton of new features and levels, but they need your help to make sure they can deliver the best experience possible!   Go back them   and help spread the word to other gamers oh and enjoy the nightmares.