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Yahoo Groups (Labs Applications) says Goodbye, Deadpool

From Yahoo, " Dear User, Unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye to Yahoo! Groups Labs Applications (beta) and Groups Chat. We thank all the users that were a part of this program. We intend to use this learning to enhance Yahoo! Groups further with new features. On July 04, 2012, we will shut down the Yahoo! Groups Labs Applications (beta) and Groups Chat. We request you to backup any data that you might have created using the applications. This closure will not affect your other services on Yahoo! Groups. We look forward to continue having you as our customer. Best, The Yahoo! Groups Team"

Microsoft vs. Google IO Techweek Update

Download MP3 Top Stories: Microsoft Surface and Google IO Highlights (:24) The challenges facing Microsoft Surface - Tablets Hardware galore at Google I/O day one. The highlights:… Google Maps Coordinate App Connects Mobile Workers #S MB  (13:11) Mozilla T alks at Microsoft  (15:19) Siri and Yelp Make an interesting Pair [Analysis]  (19:22) Speed Round: What the Twitterverse is Talking About and What Our Community Wants To Hear Louis CK direct-sells tickets to his next concert tour - no fees, no scalpers  (21:50) MIT Platform Uses Smartphone Data To Detect Social & Behavioral Trends  (23:07) Judge orders halt to Samsung sales of Galaxy tab  (24:14) Nissan Delivers A ‘Hands-On’ Tour Of The New Pathfinder With Kinect  (25:55) TIP TIME: Social Greg’s Tip of the Week: SocialGreg's Drippler

Video and Images of the new Microsoft Surface Tablet


WWDC, Nokia Ugh, Cyber War, tips and More

Download MP3 Our Top Stories Apple at WWDC: What was missed via @cnetasia (0:52) Analysts expect Nokia to keep tanking (3:35) Scale of cyber-attacks on Iran further unveiled with Flame Stuxnet link  (5:32) Game makers already pulling titles from Google+  (10:25) China strives to create its own Silicon Valley (12:22) Fragmentation fighters bring Apple’s 3D maps, navigation to iPhone 4  (17:28) Speed Round: What Our Community is Talking About and What They Want to Hear Better Web Templating with AngularJS 1.0 - Google Developers Blog (19:10) Kinect to serve ads based on your emotions? via @cnetasia (20:25) Top business travellers' hotel annoyance list (21:07) Skype Improves Contact Lists, Video Calls on All Desktop Platforms [Skype] via @lifehacker (21:48) Opera Gets a Major Makeover http://

Israeli Startup Wants to Make Brand Engagement on Twitter Easier

Israel has a lot going on in the Start-up world. Last month, 60 Minutes featured the High Tech industry in Tel Aviv , we featured an Israeli Startup, Drippler and Greg Viloria, aka SocialGreg, caught up with Morey Altman of Israeli startup, iTweetlive , to discuss their new brand engagement web app service.

Want to Have a Bunch of Ninjas Controlling Your Home?

At the 2012 O'Reily Maker Faire, we stumbled upon Marcus Schappi of Ninja Blocks . Ninja Blocks is a Kickstarter driven startup making control blocks with a variety of sensors for control and monitoring applications. The applications range from your home energy management to basic on/off control of an appliance. Their device is Linux and Arduino powered. Greg Viloria aka SocialGreg spent a few minutes interviewing Marcus about his "Legos for Life."

SF New Tech's Best of the French Tech Tour Wrapup

Nerd Stalker's Adolfo Foronda and btrax's Greg Viloria sum up SF New Tech's and UBIFrance's Best of the French Tech Tour at Mighty in San Francisco.

Tech Week Update - Chromebook Zzz, Autosharing bad and more.

Download MP3 Top Stories Google launches Chromebook, Chromebox & gets it right via @gigaom Facebook autosharing Is the UN the next big threat to internet freedom? via @gigaom Apple Turns Over Its Inventory Once Every 5 Days Why I'm switching from Dropbox to Google Drive via @zdnetasia Expanding the Internet domain space Speed Round: Toddler kicked off plane after iPad deprivation tantrum PayPal Takes Bold Step Ahead in POS Transactions with SMB via @myventurepad Your parents pick better passwords than you do V-Pole concept could be the next generation utility pole via @ubergizmo Social Greg’s Tip of the Week: This Dock Swallows Your iPhone So You're Less Tempted to Use it at Night [Video] via @Gizmodo Adolfo’s Tip of the Week: CleanMyDrive