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School of Rock

Several years ago I was a musician, I miss it like hell, those were some of the best days of my life. I sang with several bands and got to play in many different cities, I learned more from those days than in any classroom I've ever sat in. Many of those days were spent in a town called Petaluma and specifically in a very very very special place called The Phoenix Theatre . If your at the NoMeansNo show tomorrow night I'll see you there. Oh and make a tax deductable donation the Phoenix if you feel so inclined.

Voting machines in Texas change "Democrat" votes to "Republican"

And so it begins ,sigh....


Some very impressive work by tattoo phenom Scott Campbell .

Rough Life

Boogie and eastern european photographer has captured the rough side of life, compelling stuff .

Begin drooling now

As most of you know I'm captivated by all the new media center type systems and software thats now emerging. The big dog of uber cool systems Alienware has plans to release an insane line called the A series .

Baby Strollers are so cool

I've been hypnotized lately by the high techery of strollers lately my top 3 faves are: 1) The Stokke Xplory 2) The Orbit Stroller 3) The Bugaboo Strollers

Pixies to record new album!!!

My year is much brighter now check it out and bummer bout the bunk documentary. Read more


On the great news front Firefox 2.0 has been released get it from Mozilla now. On another front theres a halarious episode of Southpark where the gang plays World Of Warcraft and they play so much they get all fat and pimply, halarious check it out. SP 1008 - Make Love, not Warcraft Uploaded by pradera

Lords of the Logistic

Most of the images on this page remind me of when I was in Vietnam. People doing whatever it takes to get by, pretty amazing .

Adapter Lets Any Car Use Ethanol

Brazilian company ABC Esso will soon sell an adapter in the U.S. Abcesso that lets any gasoline vehicle burn up to 100 percent ethanol. The AutoFFV works with the vehicle's existing sensors to detect the ethanol/gasoline ratio and instructs the engine to operate accordingly. The company has developed adapters for Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Volvo and Toyota vehicles. Read More

Microsoft limits Vista transfers

I'm spending less and less time in Microsoft XP and more and more in Ubuntu Linux. This is not by choice but rather MS seems to be pushing me toward Linux with it's awful biz practices and pricing and now more .

dvr ipod

The hot thing in everyone's entertainment center today is the hard disk-based DVR. Record it and watch it when you want. Well, iPods are all about media and some have lots of hard disk-based storage - why not let it serve double duty as part of your DVR solution? Easily done with Streaming Network's iRecord .

TV shows from the source

I'm very stoked about the latest trend of various networks posting their shows for streaming or in some cases downloading online. One show I've been watching religiously is NBC's Heroes , 30 Rock , another I really look forward to watching is Showtimes Dexter , then Battlestar Gallactica of course.

Schwinn's New Line of Electric Bikes

Do not attempt to adjust your monitor, this is really a picture of an electric bike. Schwinn’s forthcoming line is probably the slickest and most smoothly integrated set of power-assisted velocipedes I’ve yet seen. Schwinn teamed up with Protanium Inc. to develop a whole series of rides in different configurations (the Streamline pictured above), all of which employ lithium polymer batteries and in-hub motors, both well concealed.

BattleStar Galactica going to NBC

One of the best shows on TV, could be good or could be bad.

Michael Robertson calls out Zune as biggest flop of 2007

I actually predict a similiar fate for the Zune given that it's freakin bigger than an ipod and the wifi doesnt even work on it. Read More

f'ing starbucks and p hill going off

Potrero Hill is going off today Blue Angels flying over, Decompression (the post Burning Man) party taking all of Indiana St, and Open Studios. I'm baby sitting my friends dog Bailey so I decide to walk down to Starbucks and take my camera with me. Its a good long walk to Starbucks from where I live and when I get there they have up'd my regular drink a freakin nickle. I'm thinking what a bunch of bastards then I'm thinking good thing I own the stock. So I leave and i'm halfway home when I can drink my scalding hot drink, and it tastes like warm milk, i got a freakin mocha and I tast no chocolate. So f starbucks its Axis Cafe for me go forward.

Sustainable Dance floor