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#Culture Is a Four-Letter Word

The Nightmare of Colleagues

Heal - The Uber of Doctor House Calls


aText a $4.99 alternative to TextExpander, demo / tutorial

Francesco D'Alessio's #Todoist set-up #productivity

Danish Design Team Creates New, Saucer-Shaped Multi-Directional Form Factor for Smart Lighting

Ford's Super-Strong, Lightweight Shelf Made From Honeycomb-Structured Paper

They made a Hoverbike

Watch how augmented reality can help those with vision impairment #ar

The InstruMMent 01 captures dimensions of any object and logs the measurements through your smartphone

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The Queen of Shitty #Robots

Lesbians Who Tech Summit - bringing together lesbians, queer women + allies across all areas of technology #LGBTQ

Extendable Environments on Two Wheels: Beauer's Telescoping Caravans closing down #deadpool

Dropbox Paper - document collaboration is live and out of beta.

Cassie - The Next Generation Walking Robot

Live streaming on #YouTube it's about time

LiquidText - The Future of PDF #productivity #notetaking

Loom a slick web based free video capturing and messaging service #ux #productivity

OKAMOTO'S "Lagoon" with Google Translate

How is It Possible That Average Tokyo Families Can Buy a Detached House for No Money Down and Just $850 per Month?

How to Bullet Journal

Autonomous bat bot weighs 93g, flies like a bat #robots

Trello Announces an Add-In For Outlook #agile

5 Cool Things 2017 | To Buy On Amazon 2017

Abstract: The Art of #Design | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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This little power meter could save your computer from shoddy USB-C accessories

AudioBurst News Feed for #Alexa

IKEA wins best design for refugee Shelter, Assembly in 5 min

3 Awesome Gmail Tools, Skip The TacLight, Fakespot Fake Amazon Reviews, ...

Joe Rogan Experience #906 - Henry Rollins, the definition of Drive

bots_alive adds AI and augmented reality to basic toy robots

Check out GeoShred, the app takes the jamstik+ to a whole new level

Mr Rogers Neighborhood introduces kids to Electronic Music

Michael G. Winston on Optimizing Business Organizations still holds true.

Panasonic #robots take temp #jobs at airport and hotel

Samsung's craziest washer and dryer yet

Fuseproject Creates Intuitive Robots and Wearables for Older Adults

How Many Sketches Should You Do in a Year? 250. #design #ux

Hyundai Ioniq Scooter Cool Concept for the final mile

World's Smallest Digital Film Camera - Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

Drone learns to land like a Bird.

Slide, the World's First Retrofit Smart Curtain System

Trello Is Being Acquired By Atlassian #agile #kanban #scrum

Nucleus, the Alexa enabled Anywhere Intercom

Viva Amiga, A Movie About The Greatest Computer Ever