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Rick Glassman and Agents of Chaos | TigerBelly 259

TigerBelly is a no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. New vlogs on some Tuesdays. Podcasts every Thursday.

Spells and sanitizer at Harry Potter studio tour

Fans of the #wizarding world returned to the #HarryPotter film sets as the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London reopened following a five-month closure

Hayden Desser - Make Believe (Official Video)

Directed, shot and edited by Hayden Desser Written by Hayden Desser and Colin McAdam Produced, engineered and mixed by Hayden Desser at Skyscraper National Park All instruments by Hayden Desser except saxophone by Liam O'Niell Mastered by Noah Mintz Stream or Download 'Make Believe' here: Follow Hayden Desser Website: Facebook: @haydendessermusic Instagram: @haydendesser Twitter: @haydendesser Youtube: @hardwoodrecords Nothing is really perfect, not nearly, as some stories have people believe Liking one-another is only made harder when these ideas make their way up our sleeves I remember he told me to once think of a lonely old horse standing up on some hill His ribs are all showing, he can't see where he's going and his belly’s all covered in filth, And he just sort of stands there real still. Some folks might want to make believe and give him fake wings and put a horn upon his face And have hi

Prinker S Temporary Tattoo Device

Discover exciting features of new Prinker S instant custom temporary tattoo device. Choose from a rich library of pre-made artworks or create your own unique Prinker tattoo in Prinker App. Prinker S uses certified cosmetic black ink to apply waterproof, soap-washable DIY tattoos. So, date to experiment and color your way! Prinker S supports iOS and Android.

Cheap NAS, Smart Gimp, Flying Cars and Cheap Rent

  Stories of the week: Trump says he will ban TikTok in the US   Here's a recap of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' congressional testimony Big Tech’s big week: Historic antitrust hearing and record profits put industry giants in spotlight   Data isn't just being collected from your phone. It's being used to score you. Why people should stop designing prosthetics that look realistic—and start designing ones that work   “Speed” Round : GIMP is Quietly Working On Its Own Version of "Smart Objects" - And Its Just as Good as Photoshop's Pandemic gets Japan's automated delivery services on the road by @JapanToday San Francisco apartment rent prices are dropping fast as tech companies embrace remote work and unemployment rises Flying Cars Are Legal, Says Newly-Passe

10 Great Depression Skills That Will Pay Well

If the U.S. economy collapses, these 10 skills will ensure you can provide for yourself and your family. In this video, we look at realistic skills you can develop now to ensure you can survive if jobs become scarce.