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Lazy Sunday vid

Yeah i know the chronicles of narnia snl spoof rap vid has been out for a while but it's too damn good. I mean "Mr. Pibb plus Red Vines equals crazy delicious", cmon.

HOWTO: Be more productive

"With all the time you spend watching TV," he tells me, "you could have written a novel by now." Sadly, that's just not the case.... read more  |  digg story

iPod video torrents via one link

This site lists various torrent repositories that have sprung up that are dedicated to letting you download videos for your video enabled iPod. read more  |  digg story

face meats pavement

Do you laugh when people fall ?

merry xmas eve everyone

Been about a week now and my eyes are doing great my vision so far is perfect, Lasik is totally worth it and I highly recommend it to everyone. I'm done wearing my shields at night and glad cause that damn sticky medical tape is gnarly.

F word

I hate all things Microsoft, mainly caused i'm forced to use it at work and I cant afford it at home. So it's refreshing to see web apps via web 2.0 slowly taking over. For instance could you imagine using word and accessing your word documents anywhere in the world where there was internet access? oh and collaborating and sharing them with others? Then you have to try Writely it's pretty awesome.

I got lasik yesterday

Yup so far I'm at 20/15, so freakin awesome. Ok so I've been saving all year using some non taxable money to get the procedure done. Went to see the eye doc who said I was a good candidate for wavefront or intralasik, basically the difference between the two is one uses a blade to cut the flap of the eye back and the other uses a laser to do it. Both use the laser to do the actual correction, essentially the blade can cut a thinner amount back but the laser is virtually failsafe (at least that's how I was sold). I opted for the more expensive procedure which took place in san leandro by dr. turner . He's got a ton of experience and has taught it and was voted best at it by various magazines etc. When it comes down to picking a doc you want someone with lots of experience, not for the actual procedure but rather for the situations when things go wrong. You want someone who's dealt with those sketchy situations and knows how to take the right steps to correct the situ

So Fruits

Oh those wacky Helsinki kids and their freakin cool looks .

The De Young

Went to the De Young museum on Sunday morning and it was incredible. The architecture is so impressive it almost overpowers the art within, couple areas not to be missed are the observation tower, the fabric room w/the drawers, and the super secret sculpture garden room. The food is great and wicked expensive, be ready it takes about 3.5 - 4 hrs to get through it all. Go early to miss the crowds oh and you get a discount with your fast pass or student id so go work it.