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Webzine 2005

Super cheap and awesome event you have to go check out the details here .

hella funny home made hp ad

this kid made a great home made commercial and his faces are halarious.

It's official Apple starting a video store

Oh la la but i want the player to be announced grrrrr.

2d 3d yet more amazing images

Yeah these are 2d street art paintings that look incredibly 3d

halarious goth photos

if only the world was goth, just imagine .


I freakin love iptv, i think this will make alot of people quit using cable. NerdTV is a Charlie Rose like show that is backed by PBS, they interview very interesting tech legends. In their first episode they interview one of my personal hero's Andy Hertzfeld, a must watch for any open source or Apple enthusiast.

Spiderman 3' Villains Revealed!!

FreezeDriedMovies reported a rumor about the indentities of the three villains in Sam Raimi's upcoming third Spider-Man movie. The villains will be played by Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church and James Franco.


A mobile movie guerilla drive-in in Berkeley, CA

Apple's Big Announcement

Apple has sent out invitations to a "Special Music Event" to be held at 10:00AM in the Moscone Center West in San Fransisco on September 7th.. Why wait till Wed? New Products: - Cingular will announce an iTunes compatible phone - the "Rocker" - New 2GB ipod called the "Nano" - it will sport a color screen and will be much smaller and thinner than a mini. Price = $199 No video ipod.. Thanks Kevin

TWIT Live at the SF Apple Store

Just got back from TWIT 's first attempt at a live podcast, it was held at the SF Apple store and it kinda sucked for most of the live audience. The content might be cool, but we could not hear shit or see shit. Some genius (no pun intended) sat them at ground level, and did not project them. Considering it was standing room only this was pretty lame, hopefully the next effort will be better.

CNN Weatherman Loses His Cool

This is a video of a CNN weatherman that loses his cool while covering Hurricane Katrina. Things seem a little "tense" for him.

Give Katrina Victims $1 For Free

Go to the site, click the check box, and hit donate. Clorox is sponsering it.

I like free

The band "The Propellerheads" were making this great music making software. However development for the product has now stopped, so in honor of it's demise they are giving it away for FREE .

NPR finally offering hella podcasts

Its beta but its fresh .

Rockstar made the best game

Remember my cult classic favorite movie? Yeah thats right The Warriors has been made for the PS2.