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Tech vs Drug Cartels, Skype reverse engineered, Samsung bs, Nerd Stalker Podcast

The Nerd Stalker weekly tech round up with Adolfo Foronda and Greg Viloria. Skype Goes After Reverse-Engineering More than just sexy phones: how Nokia will help sell Windows Phone 7 Online hackers threaten to expose cartel's secrets The BS Samsung smartphone numbers YouTube announcing original content channels Balmer torches a former employee’s chances to work on iCloud Ubuntu Linux heads to phone, tablet, web tv Adolfos tip - Failcon Audio at Greg’s App of the Week - AppMom an App that manages you android Apps Greg’s tip - Look at VentureBeats - Microsoft’s Vision of the Future

Lovely, apartment rentals from across the web.

From Lovely , "Stand out. Renting is competitive. Get more responses from landlords by standing out from other renters with your Renter’s Resume. Stay up-to-date. See which listings are new since you last logged in, save your favorites, and see when they’re gone."

Fire Expensive, Kinect Cookie Monster, Lodsys is Back!

ThemeRoller For jQuery Mobile

The team is excited to announce the availability of the new Theme Roller for jQuery Mobile tool, developed by Adobe’s very own Tyler Benziger, in conjunction with the fine, and very talented, folks from the  Filament Group . If you’ve used the Theme Roller for jQuery UI, the tool should feel very familiar to you, but there are a few enhancements worth mentioning. Aside from building a theme and downloading it for yourself, you can generate a URL for your theme and share it with others. Simply pass the URL along to your friends/co-workers, and once they load it, they can edit or download the theme you created. Another great feature is the ability to import your theme CSS directly into the tool for updating/editing at a later date. This comes in quite handy when you need to make a slight tweak or add more swatches as you make changes to your existing jQuery Mobile application. The last feature we’re especially excited about is the integra

Eye-Tracking Study Finds iPhone, iPad Draw More Attention

"A study by EyeTrackshop that recorded consumers looking at groups of smartphones and tablets discovered that Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2 drew more glances and held people’s attention longer than Google Android devices from Amazon, HTC, Motorola and Samsung." - Read More

Steve Martin Turns Tweets into book

Read More

New Storify Editor Interface Rolls Out

From Storify: "You'll notice a new look, stronger foundation, better tools for collecting media from around the web, and great new ways to organize your story. Welcome to the new Storify editor interface. We've taken your feedback and have rebuilt Storify on a stronger foundation with some cool new features, a new logo, and a new look. The search and the editor sides of the interface have been switched to put a higher priority on writing your own text for stories. (See below.) Photo searches are displayed in gallery format, and pictures appear larger in stories. One new tool we think users will really enjoy using is a revised bookmarklet and all-new Storypad that lets you collect and save media from all over the web and add it to your story. You can easily share what you've gathered with other Storify users, and you can use media from anyone's Storypad in any story. So whatever you find online can become part of your story. Storify Co-Founder Xavier Damman

A Must, Geo-Loco Nov. 3 Conference

Geo-Loco will dive into brand, advertiser and the location convergence in the context of the Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) marketplace — and explore what it means for big brands, consumers, SMBs and the location industry. Learn from real-world successes in mobile-loco advertising, location platforms and more. Executives from Starbucks, Google, Waze, Facebook and leading investors will address these topics in a highly interactive setting.

37 Signals posts talks in one easy to find spot

37 Signals has been kind enough to post a ton of their talks from all over the world in one easy to find spot , enjoy learning and being inspired.

A Thesis on Transitions #UX

The Website was created in context of the Interface Design Bachelor's degree at the FH Potsdam 2011 by Johannes Tonollo. »Meaningful Transitions - Motion Graphics in the User Interface« deals with the use of animations in software user interface. This website documents transitions in a clustered way to show at which place transitions can be a helpful extension to the static user interface, because of cognitive benefits to enhance the user experience.

New Nokia Windows Phones Announced

The social Nokia Lumia 800 features colors (cyan, magenta and black) and the best social and Internet performance, with one-touch social network access, grouping of contacts, integrated communication threads and Internet Explorer 9. It features a 3.7 inch AMOLED ClearBlack curved display blending seamlessly into the reduced body design, and a 1.4 GHz processor with hardware acceleration and a graphics processor. The Nokia Lumia 800 contains an instant-share camera experience based on leading Carl Zeiss optics, HD video playback, 16GB of internal user memory and 25GB of free SkyDrive storage for storing images and music. The estimated retail price for the Nokia Lumia 800 will be approximately 420 EUR, excluding taxes and subsidies. The cheaper Nokia Lumia 710 can be personalized with exchangeable back covers and thousands of apps. The Nokia Lumia 710 is designed for instant social & image sharing, and a browsing experience with IE9 . It is available in black and white with

Expand Your Brand (Without Fail) Audio from #failcon

Solana Crawford, DaT Expand Your Brand (Without Fail) Get your brand right from the start. Your business model may make or break the bank each quarter. Your brand will engage and live in the hearts of your consumers forever. We will use examples of cross channel branding from attendees to perform LIVE assessments. We will look at failures, successes, and give you easy to implement solutions. Email to participate in the live assessment!

Goodbye ScrnShots :(

"Dear ScrnShots User, We're sorry to announce that is closing its doors. We had a great time building a community of designers, developers and user experience enthusiasts with you, but we've moved on to other passions and don't have the necessary resources to support the site anymore. On Monday, October 31st, 2011, will be turned off for good. You will no longer have access to your uploaded screenshots. If you would like to download your screenshots before then, we've released a ruby gem to make the task simpler. You can find instructions for the script at . If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us at Thanks for your support and good luck with all your endeavours! Greg Bell & Derek Kehler // "

ideacious support creators and be rewarded

ideacious brings together two complementary crowds: buyers and creators. As a buyer you can shop like you would at any other store, or you can buy products before they’re made. When you do that you not only do your part to bring awesome products into being, you could also make some coin along the way. As a creator you’ve got a full-service network at your fingertips to help get your idea to market. Plus, you’ll pre-sell all your products before you manufacture the whole lot.

Pain Free Cross~Browser Debugging & Testing #ux

Sauce Labs  creates an on demand automated cross browser debugging and testing web app check it out.

Innovation Perspective: Stephen Elop


When to Quantify When to Qualify #failcon

Qualitative vs Quantitative Data by adolfo Hiten Shah, KISSmetrics Christina Holsberry, Facebook Metrics and user testing; both take a lot of time, energy, and training; and most startups simply don't have time for both. But using the wrong data at the wrong time can ruin you. Join our debate between two leaders in the field as they discuss the value of both types of data, common mistakes people make, and how it can be used in your startup.

The Failure of Business Models #failcon

The Failure of Business Models by adolfo In the past few years, dozens of startups a month seem to get funded without having a developed or tested business model to show. Companies generate buzz, attract users, and earn press without this simple facet. So just how important is the business model for your early success? When do you need to worry about this and when can it bring you down? We'll hear from a number of experienced investors and founders with a variety of perspectives on this tricky question.

Stop Building! Get Users

Fail Tales: Stop building! Get users by adolfo Elizabeth Yin, LaunchBit It's natural to get swept up in the excitement of a product idea and build out all the cool features you can think of. But, building too much of the wrong thing is time consuming, demoralizing, and ultimately a company killer. This talk focuses on how to validate and throw out iterations rapidly so that what you do build is useful.

Chris DeWolfe, MindJolt Fireside Chat with Liz Gannes

Chris DeWolfe Fireside Chat by adolfo Chris DeWolfe, MindJolt Liz Gannes, AllThingsD As founder and CEO of MySpace, Chris DeWolfe created a giant, growing the social network from inception through its purchase by NewsCorp, and beyond. Now, as CEO of Mindjolt, he's applying the lessons learned from his time at MySpace and entering the crowded game space. In this session, Chris will discuss his experiences at MySpace, how those are helping him build MindJolt, and his advice for rising founders.

Google updates presentation, tablets and docs.

From Google - "In the spirit of helping people work better together, over the last few weeks we made big improvements to Google presentations, introduced a version of  Google Docs  optimized for Android tablets, and enabled more dynamic content in Google Sites. We also celebrated the fact that Silicon Valley has gone Google! Google presentations reloaded On Tuesday we launched a completely rebuilt version of our web-based presentations application, so you can  build more beautiful presentations  together with colleagues and classmates. Google presentations now lets you make great-looking slides with animated builds, advanced slide transitions and better support for drawings, tables and themes. Plus, we made it easier to create presentations with others, without the hassles of attachments. Your whole team can work together in the same version of a presentation at the same time, and you can see who’s doing what, chat with others, and see a full revision history at any moment in tim

Will Dropouts Save America?

American academia is good at producing writers, literary critics and historians. It is also good at producing professionals with degrees. But we don’t have a shortage of lawyers and professors. America has a shortage of job creators. And the people who create jobs aren’t traditional professionals, but start-up entrepreneurs. From ( share this quote )

How Russian Tycoon Yuri Milner Bought His Way Into Silicon Valley

From Wired comes a fascinating story of a Russian Tycoon who is now a major silicon valley player. - Read More

Linking isn't Libel

"The court recognises that simply posting a link to material that may be libellous is a far cry from publishing or repeating the libel, let alone endorsing what has been said in the linked post," Dean Jobb, a journalism professor at University of King's College told Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper. From ( share this quote )

VisualXcript converts touch to html5 animated slides


TalentBin - Social recruiting, evolved.

I love seeing startups go after these non sexy type verticals.

Nokia Sabre Windows Phone image leaked


Human Interface

Kevin Rose Demos his first Milk Project, Oink

Internet Trends presentation from Web 2.0 slides

KPCB Internet Trends 2011[2][1] Copy

Free Open Web Education

"WaSP InterACT is a living, open curriculum based upon web standards and best practices, designed to teach students the skills of the web professional. Adapt and reuse our resources. Contribute your own content and ideas." - Read More

Google Translate with Conversation Mode

Now in 14 languages.

Googler on G+ "Pathetic", BMW Siri, ChalkPr0n, Free UX

Download MP3 Adolfo Foronda and Greg Viloria talk about the Google/ex Amazon employee who calls Google+ "pathetic", will we see Siri in the BMW? A blog dedicated to things written on chalkboards in Pron videos (you know what I mean by "Pron" right?), a special powered Trike and Adaptive Path releases free videos from UX Week 2011 wahoo free education! All on a new Nerd Stalker.

TaskRabbit Names a New CEO

Eric Grosse is named new CEO of TaskRabbit, Eric was co-founder of Hotwire and president of Expedia.

UX Week 2011 Videos Now Available

" Seven weeks ago, an amazing group of about 500 creative individuals from around the world were all wrapped up in the warm n' fuzzy blanket of community and inspiration at  UX Week 2011 . UX Week is our biggest conference of the year and offers the opportunity to meet with friends (old and new), dig in deep with hands-on workshops and swap stories from the front lines of user experience. And, of course, hear from some great speakers on the main stage.  This year's main stage sessions were a fantastic mix of real-world design successes (and failures), learning lessons from established brands and emerging startups, interesting perspectives on technology, culture and human behavior and inspiring stories from within and outside of the field of experience design. Oh yeah, and a pretty awesome mash-up of Led Zeppelin's Good Times Bad Times thanks to DJ Spooky.  We're happy to share  these videos  with you and hope you find the talks engaging, informative and inspiring

First iPhone 4S Test (Official Review) Video


iTunes 10.5 released go get it

iTunes 10.5 update released prior to iOS 5 release tomorrow get it here .

Real Artists Ship Free Wallpaper

" Real Artists Ship wallpaper & poster design — quote by Steve Jobs.  Download the free wallpapers here  courtesy of #busybuildingthings. We're putting the finishing touches on our site and will be launching soon. Be on the look out for more inspirational designs." - #robjama

Introducing Adobe Proto - Prototype on Tablets

" Introducing Adobe Proto - Prototype on Tablets

YouTube Space Lab - What Will You Do?

"Can plants survive beyond Earth? Can proteins observed in space reveal the mysteries of life? Science experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS) could unlock the answers and now we're giving you a chance to ask the questions. Today, we’re launching YouTube Space Lab with Lenovo, in cooperation with Space Adventures, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Space Lab is a new galactic channel on YouTube that will lift off from your laptop, taking you to interesting and awesome videos from around the world... and beyond." Read More

FlipIt USB Charger #design

Clipped from: ( share this clip ) We dig it.

Colbert tribute Steve Jobs - Brilliant

Jason Fried of 37 Signals Speaks

Remembering Steve Jobs

Download MP3 Podcasting the night of Steve Jobs death honoring this legend. Adolfo Foronda and Greg Viloria talk all things Apple and Steve Jobs.

Goodbye To My Hero - Steve Jobs

Thank You, Thank You so much. -Adolfo

New iPhones & Prices

Not sure if i'll abandon Android for this, was hoping for a compelling alternative not sure this is it. - Read More

Fire Meh, Meg Again, Browsers Galore and Online Psychiatry

Download MP3 The Nerd Stalker weekly podcast with Greg Viloria and Adolfo Foronda. This week we talk new Kindles, Meg Whitman takes over HP (sort of), Silk yet another browser, and online psychiatry is all the rage?

Form design guidelines crib sheet (free download)

Clipped from: ( share this clip ) Download: Form guidelines (Omnigraffle) Form guidelines (PSD – Photoshop) Form guidelines (PDF vector) "We’ve used cxpartners’ wireframe templates which you’ll be able to get hold of very soon alongside the new book from cxpartners’ own Richard & Steve Communicating the User Experience ." -cxpartners

The Other Browsers continue to Cannibalize IE market sha

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