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X-Men 3 First look at Sentinals

You have not seen this on the trailers. Oh turn down your speakers it's loud.

Elbereth Moore

West Australian born artist, Elbereth Moore , is the daughter of a painter and has been studying art seriously since the age of fifteen. She had her first solo exhibition in Melbourne at the age of 24 and shortly afterwards was selected to participate in Berlin’s Galerie Taube’s annual Dezember Salon exhibition. Her art has been compared to Tim Burton, Edgar Allen Poe and to the American “low brow pop surrealism” movement.

Incredible Knitting

Theresa Honeywell is tougher than you. Her work reflects her interests in the "manly arts" with a feminine twist. What motorcycle or jackhammer wouldn't want to be knitted into infamy? Her embroidered tattoos will live on long after you've gotten that celtic knot lasered off.

It's Official, The Smashing Pumpkins Working on New Album

It's official, The Smashing Pumpkins are currently writing songs for their upcoming album, their first since 2000. No release date has yet been set, but the band plans to begin recording this summer. read more

chair or bookshelf?

I love clever furniture, need i say more ?


Check out his portfolio, i like the cyclops. Read More

Protect your geek life

You should join, I've contributed some money get with it. IPac is a nonpartisan group dedicated to preserving individual freedom through balanced information policy. IPac believes that technological innovation and individual creativity are vital to the future of this country. IPac believes that a prosperous and democratic society depends on freedom for all individuals to pursue scientific invention and artistic expression. Unfortunately, new, more draconian copyright and patent laws threaten to stifle these freedoms and restrict public participation in science, art, and political discourse.

Sex in a Limo

Sat 09/23/06 MISS KITTIN @ Mezzanine San Francisco

Sleek Wall Mounted Projector

"Aesthetically, LG's wall mounted projector is an industrial work of art taking home the 2006 iF Design Gold Award. This projector puts convenience first with a remote controlled lens door, auto focus, zoom, and venitilator. It features near silent operation (25 db) and can project a 100-inch image from a distance of 3.8m - 5.3m" read more

Robot Sculptures Made from Scrap Parts

Ann Smith makes these great little robo-sculptures from scrap parts and random electronic parts! Very Cool! Check out the pics! read more

Fight for your rights

I am writing to urge you to oppose pending legislation that would limit the rights of individuals to play poker online. Currently, there are two bills in the House, H.R. 4411 introduced by Rep. James Leach (R-IA) and H.R. 4777 introduced by Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-VA). And in the Senate, Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is pushing similar legislation that he wants to introduce. Please take a moment of your time to fill out the form . It is free , and by doing so an automated letter will be sent to your members of Congress. It is through your actions that these bills can be defeated. There are 70 Million Poker Players in the United States. If Congress just hears opposition from a few concerned poker players, it makes a large impact.

The 50 Greatest Independent Films!

Check out this list. Bound to find some of the coolest movies you'd NEVER seen... read more

Most Amazing Escape Footage Ever Filmed!

I do this everyday whateva... read more