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new baby coming today

so we are at the hospital, wife got the epidural, finally getting some sleep contractions coming on thanks to more drugs, waiting for more dialation, water has not broken yet, just a matter of time...

on our way to the hospital

contractions are 5mins apart were on our way to the hospital

Baby update we have more action

Ok so the plug went round 1am and we have contractions, timing them and waiting for the water to break then will make the dash for the hospital if it warrants, will keep yall updated.

No baby yet sheese

This is starting to get like those damn jack in the box toys, that seem all nice and luring with it's soft happy music just to stop and scare the shit out of you when that damn thing jumps out of the box in your face! So today we just ran mass errands all within a 5 block radius of my work, why cant i shake that place even on vacation. Speaking of I'm having some trouble getting out of "work" mode, I find that when 5ish rolls around I get all anxious like i've only got a finite amount of time do shit till it's time to go to bed. I need to get in vacation zen mode and it aint happening, I find myself creating daily to do lists then plowing through it, note to self, chill. I'm psyched Pan's Labyrinth is finally out at the Westfield and I've been dying to see it, do yourself a favor and do it as well.


A truck carrying Fuel Grade Uranium Dioxide tipped over coming down the exit ramp at the intersection of I-95 and I-40 in Johnson County, North Carolina on Thursday. The story briefly broke on Anderson Cooper's 360 with a singular photo of the truck laying over on it's side. The story is almost NON-Existent in the news loops. Read it here ! (Pix capture from CNN)

Damn now i have to kick the soda!

Baby dont want out

Can u blame it? On the good news we finally have a bit of dialation, earliest arrival could be tomorrow but likely to be later. Wife wants it out pronto, can't blame her, sleep has been at a premium but i think thats just training for whats to come. Saw Scanner Darkly today, it was great, why this movie has not exploded is pretty typical of the general movie viewing audience. P.K. Dick was a genius sci fi was so under rated although this story has a lot more to offer than some dumb space opera, a must see. Oh god and have you guys seen the trailer for the new fantastic 4 movie coming out in june 07? I know I know, i get nauseas just thinking about the first movie but man they introduce the silver surfer in this one and he looks amazing. yeah i too predict the story and actors will be garbage but eh.

merry xmas eve

Sat around today waiting for a baby, but nothing yet minus alot of uncomfortable wife. got the wife a pedi then hit starbucks and read for a bit, walked by a young woman reading the bible I think it was the book of "Corinthians", I found it strange in that I never randomly see people just reading the bible. About to watch "A Scanner Darkly"

Trasformers Trailer begin tripping nerdlings

Sign this or your an idiot

Al Gore is ready to build on the success of "An Inconvenient Truth" and start organizing to solve the climate crisis. He's working to get hundreds of thousands of messages to Congress demanding real action to stop global warming. And he's asking for our help. Can you help out by signing the petition at the link below? If you do, Al Gore will personally deliver our comments to Congress. I just did it myself and it only takes a second.


I was being Mr. Nice guy at home flattening some plastic in our recycle bin, but someone forgot to tell me that there was a broken vase in there. So as I shoved the palm of my hand down I drove it into the knife shaped glass, I didn't realize anything until it was inside and i felt and saw lots and I mean lots of blood starting to flow. I unstabbed myself then the blood really really started to flow, I said, "oh shit" the wife thought i was joking till she saw the purple flowing out of my hand down the sink. I knew I was beyond band aid country when the blood would not stop flowing, so I made a drip line to the bathroom for a clean towel and apply pressure. Wife said something about holding it above my heart, I suggested we take a ride to the emergency room. Wife made some sort of make shift bandage and I drove to the tenderloin one handed (thank you automatic). 2 hours later with many other wackos, broken limbers, suicide attempters, kidney stone folks, flu types, I fina

I got a grill

It's a strange point in life when your body begins decaying, I know we always decay but when you lose a part of you it's a little different. My rear tooth was cracked and to save it I had to have a crown put on. Now when they put a crown on the dentist basically grinds what was your tooth down to a stump. On that stump they glue a crown, gold is the best because it's a soft metal and they dont have to take as much of the tooth out. The up side of all this is that I now have a bad ass gold tooth, sure I could have got one of those mamby pamby porceline ones or a white gold one but f that I went old school .... sigh. I still need to buy a car seat asap, and trying to choose a stroller is a pain in the arse, too many choices makes adolfo a mad boy. In the financial district I see cars running red lights all the time, I know it's just a matter of time before I see someone get creamed, I'm dreading it.

The Music Biz gets its own 2.0

Image -- By deferring the cost and talent of scouting to a crowd of music lovers, SellaBand puts powerful marketing and production tools into the hands of those with a personal interest in the music. It ’s one of several examples of crowdfunding -- and it could change how the music business is organized. More…

Apple iPhone coming in Jan.

Leaked information about the iPhone. Features include: 2 separated batteries (so you dont have to worry about the mp3 player draining the phone battery), 2 capacities - 4 and 8 gigs, $249, $449, flash memory, slide out keyboard, touchscreen on the outside and is supposed to be very small.

Amazing Pic a day


It's silly to work after turkey day, well I did but right after, I went to hit the new Pedro Almodovar film "Volver" starring Penelope Cruz (has she had a boob job recently?). Nice to see Almodovar not relying on the overtly in your face sex scenes to get a human point across. But on the other hand I would like to see him divert from a recurring storyline that often relys mainly on some sort of "shocking" sexual incident to be the crux of his films. But I still recommend this flic.

I love my new Prius

Yeah so I never thought I'd say it but I love my 2007 touring model Prius, the only thing that drove me nuts for a while was the reverse and seatbelt beep. Luckily I've found a hack to turn it off give it a go. Disabling Reverse Beep • Power on the car, Cycle ODO/TRIP, stopping on ODO, Power off the car. • Power on, within 6 seconds, hold ODO for at least 10 seconds. • While still holding ODO shift into Reverse and back into Park. • b-on shows on speedometer display, press ODO to cycle to "b-off". • This also works for the seatbelt beep, replace shifting with buckling/un-buckling.

Hilton vomits while attempting to sing own song

I swore to myself I'd never post anything about Paris Hilton, but this is just too good. "Paris, who had been swilling straight vodka from (a) Grey Goose bottle for hours, gets up on stage, has the people in charge throw her 'record' on the house stereo for her to lip sync two of her songs. She gets up on the stage, pukes, leaves…" More …

Bullet Dodging 6 years old brain damaged/autistic girl

A 6 year old girl has been brain damaged and made her autistic like. She plays a side scrolling space shooter but doesn't shoot. She has gained lightning fast reflexes and analysis skills. She plays this game without shooting, only dodging the numerous amount of enemies on the screen. Amazing. More …

Create your own Southpark icon!

Check it out, me as a Southpark character, note the fire in my eyes. Now go make one for yourself. Note that they dont have a save option so do a screen grab of it when your done then throw it in your image editor of choice.

Platinum Dirt

Unique hand printed shirts check it out


FON is the largest WiFi community in the world. Members share their wireless Internet access at home and, in return, enjoy free WiFi wherever they find another Fonero’s Access Point. Learn more about FON

Global growth in carbon emissions is 'out of control'

The growth in global emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels over the past five years was four times greater than for the preceding 10 years, according to a study that exposes critical flaws in the attempts to avert damaging climate change. sigh ...

I bought this stock

Whole Foods ( WFMI ) I bought some of it at 48 it looks pretty undervalued, check out the 1 year chart. I think this stock is gonna explode long term.


I saw a girl grab the hanging grips and do a flip in the middle of the 22 bus, it was awesome. Some girl at starbucks called me senior burrito then went on about how all hispanics have really long names. I smiled and walked away before she completely put her entire leg down her esophogus. Saw Kim Garrisons goodnight show at the Make Out Room, it was dreamy, me so sleepy and Exene Cervenka is playing around the corner at The Bottom of The Hill, whats a boy to do?.

School of Rock

Several years ago I was a musician, I miss it like hell, those were some of the best days of my life. I sang with several bands and got to play in many different cities, I learned more from those days than in any classroom I've ever sat in. Many of those days were spent in a town called Petaluma and specifically in a very very very special place called The Phoenix Theatre . If your at the NoMeansNo show tomorrow night I'll see you there. Oh and make a tax deductable donation the Phoenix if you feel so inclined.

Voting machines in Texas change "Democrat" votes to "Republican"

And so it begins ,sigh....


Some very impressive work by tattoo phenom Scott Campbell .

Rough Life

Boogie and eastern european photographer has captured the rough side of life, compelling stuff .

Begin drooling now

As most of you know I'm captivated by all the new media center type systems and software thats now emerging. The big dog of uber cool systems Alienware has plans to release an insane line called the A series .

Baby Strollers are so cool

I've been hypnotized lately by the high techery of strollers lately my top 3 faves are: 1) The Stokke Xplory 2) The Orbit Stroller 3) The Bugaboo Strollers

Pixies to record new album!!!

My year is much brighter now check it out and bummer bout the bunk documentary. Read more


On the great news front Firefox 2.0 has been released get it from Mozilla now. On another front theres a halarious episode of Southpark where the gang plays World Of Warcraft and they play so much they get all fat and pimply, halarious check it out. SP 1008 - Make Love, not Warcraft Uploaded by pradera

Lords of the Logistic

Most of the images on this page remind me of when I was in Vietnam. People doing whatever it takes to get by, pretty amazing .

Adapter Lets Any Car Use Ethanol

Brazilian company ABC Esso will soon sell an adapter in the U.S. Abcesso that lets any gasoline vehicle burn up to 100 percent ethanol. The AutoFFV works with the vehicle's existing sensors to detect the ethanol/gasoline ratio and instructs the engine to operate accordingly. The company has developed adapters for Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda, Volvo and Toyota vehicles. Read More

Microsoft limits Vista transfers

I'm spending less and less time in Microsoft XP and more and more in Ubuntu Linux. This is not by choice but rather MS seems to be pushing me toward Linux with it's awful biz practices and pricing and now more .

dvr ipod

The hot thing in everyone's entertainment center today is the hard disk-based DVR. Record it and watch it when you want. Well, iPods are all about media and some have lots of hard disk-based storage - why not let it serve double duty as part of your DVR solution? Easily done with Streaming Network's iRecord .

TV shows from the source

I'm very stoked about the latest trend of various networks posting their shows for streaming or in some cases downloading online. One show I've been watching religiously is NBC's Heroes , 30 Rock , another I really look forward to watching is Showtimes Dexter , then Battlestar Gallactica of course.

Schwinn's New Line of Electric Bikes

Do not attempt to adjust your monitor, this is really a picture of an electric bike. Schwinn’s forthcoming line is probably the slickest and most smoothly integrated set of power-assisted velocipedes I’ve yet seen. Schwinn teamed up with Protanium Inc. to develop a whole series of rides in different configurations (the Streamline pictured above), all of which employ lithium polymer batteries and in-hub motors, both well concealed.

BattleStar Galactica going to NBC

One of the best shows on TV, could be good or could be bad.

Michael Robertson calls out Zune as biggest flop of 2007

I actually predict a similiar fate for the Zune given that it's freakin bigger than an ipod and the wifi doesnt even work on it. Read More

f'ing starbucks and p hill going off

Potrero Hill is going off today Blue Angels flying over, Decompression (the post Burning Man) party taking all of Indiana St, and Open Studios. I'm baby sitting my friends dog Bailey so I decide to walk down to Starbucks and take my camera with me. Its a good long walk to Starbucks from where I live and when I get there they have up'd my regular drink a freakin nickle. I'm thinking what a bunch of bastards then I'm thinking good thing I own the stock. So I leave and i'm halfway home when I can drink my scalding hot drink, and it tastes like warm milk, i got a freakin mocha and I tast no chocolate. So f starbucks its Axis Cafe for me go forward.

Sustainable Dance floor

What i'm listening to now

To get my groove on it's all about Brazilian Girls, interesting band.

CableTV without a Tuner - FREE HBO, FOX on your PC!

With the beta release of the TVU Player, you can get live Digital cable, streaming over the Internet to your PC, for FREE. Watch HBO, Disney, FOX, ABC, all the big networks and more for no charge! WOW! More…

TED Conference

The TED Conference (Technology Entertainment Design) is a yearly geniusfest held in Monterey, California. This year’s gathering hosted some of our favorites: Al Gore, Cameron Sinclair, and Majora Carter. With this year’s conference they’ve taken the event one step closer to open source knowledge sharing by making their TEDTalks publicly available. Watch some of these talks on their site or get them on your iPod and geek out on the bus. Some highlights will include the aforementioned stars, plus: epidemiologist and head of Larry Brillaint; Wikipedeia founder Jimmy Wales, founder of the One Laptop Per Child organization Nicholas Negroponte, and biologist Richard Dawkins. The TED site suggests watching at least three from the get go. I concur. :: TEDTalks

Finally the media grows a pair

Finally someone speaks the truth about the Clinton response to the right wing media, pretty shocking to see someone actually tell it like it is.

Catherine David

Auckland-based designer Catherine David's shower curtains are just one item that are making a splash in the world of designer houseware. A winner of New Zealand's Home and Entertaining Design awards in 2005, these high-quality soap and mold resistant nylon curtains are an artistic canvas for an assortment of David's designs. And yes, you can get your choice of colors. I'm also into the side table, which features an image of a man trying to get out of the box. Catherine Davis Designs also manufacturers some intriguing lamps. Many have their designs printed on the reverse side, so that the image isn't visible until the lamp is illuminated—making a very pleasing surprise. There's a variety of styles and different types of items, all of which are available on the site's online store .

What I'm Currently Listening to...

Asobi Seksu

Daily Show 10 Fing years of Even Steven

Artist Draws 'Clean' Graffiti from Dirty Walls

A British street artist known as Moose creates graffiti by cleaning dirt from sidewalks and tunnels -- sometimes for money when the images are used as advertising. But some authorities call it vandalism. Read More


A project of the Madrid graphic design firm Ipsum Planet, Neo2 is a monthly Spanish design magazine that features international young designers and artists from all creative fields. The magazine’s fashion photography is particularly dramatic and well-done

Way to go

What an idiot, Schwarzenegger: Cubans, Puerto Ricans 'all naturally fiesty' read more

Banksy shop-drops 500 remixed Paris Hilton CDs

UK graffiti virtuoso Banksy has smuggled 500 doctored versions of Paris Hilton's new CD into stores across the country. The CD contain Banksy's remixes and have titles like "Why am I Famous?," "What Have I Done?" and "What Am I For?" His spokeswoman said he had tampered with the CDs in branches of HMV and Virgin as well as independent record stores. He visited cities including Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow and London, she added. A spokesman for HMV said the chain had recovered seven CDs from two Brighton shops but was unaware that other locations were affected... A spokesman for Virgin Megastores said staff were searching for affected CDs but it was proving hard to find them all. "I have to take my hat off - it's a very good stunt," he added.

Incredible art installation

' Head On ' by Cai Guo-Qiang at the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin. The installation consists of 99 life-sized wolves, fabricated from painted sheepskins and stuffed with hay and metal wires, barreling in a continous stream towards - and into - a glass wall. Only the first ones crash into it, but the pack chases after the leader.

Study Find Hybrids Quickly Pay For Themselves

A new study by Edmunds.Com finds that some hybrid cars will pay for themselves in 2 years, because high gas prices and tax credits from the U.S. government on the more fuel efficient vehicles. The cost is even more quickly recovered when hybrids are compared to less efficient cars. Also, the study assumes that gas prices will remain at $3 per gallon in the coming years. Edmunds says the average hybrid car costs $1,200 and $7,000 more than traditional versions of the same vehicles. The shift is significant because analysts have said that higher sticker prices were constraining hybrid sales. Hybrids currently account for 1 percent of new car sales in the United States. The consumer-focused Web site said that assuming vehicles were driven 15,000 miles per year and gas was priced at $3 per gallon, owners of the Toyota Prius and Ford Motor's Escape Hybrid would break even within three years. Buyers of the Saturn Vue Green Line from General Motors, the Toyota Camry and the Civic Hybrid f

Vista now works with Boot Camp 1.1

The new Vista Pre-RC1 build (5536) works now on Intel Macs. The installation procedure is the same as with Windows XP SP2. The only down side is that not all the drivers provided in Boot Camp will work under Vista; the iSight and the Apple... read more

Horse Play

Cloth-bound, gilt-edged and printed on matte paper, the new book called Horse Play tells the story of S treethorsing —the sport of riding horses in cities—with the highest of production values. Whether or not the obscure subculture actually exists, the tome is filled with unbelievable photos of horses doing skateboard-like tricks off railings and over barriers (challenging pro photoshop-spotters) and interspersed with snaps of minor celebs (who also happen to be spokespeople for the book's sponsor, WESC), like Jerry Hsu, Steve Aoki, Mark "Cobrasnake" Hunter, Stretch Armstrong, and Jason Lee.

Flash Mob Flash Mobile Movie

This Friday 8/25 the MobMov crew will be having a flash mob drive in, the movie of the night is "The Rage In Placid Lake".

This Next

Looks like This Next has finally come out of beta, a very cool web 2.0 product recommendation site. You can see others product recommendations and compile your own, for example check out mine . They even have something called Shopcasting, look I'm butchering the explaination of this whole thing so just go check it out cause I say so.

Once again FU ATT

So today I finally cancelled the robbery that is ATT dsl or some of you know it as sbc yahoo dsl. See the thing is that they have this lame ass policy of f'ing you after your 12 month contract is up they auto jack up the price to roughly $50/month. Imagine that going from $15/month to $50, not sure about you but thats just lame ass business. So of course I went with a way way way better provider in SONIC.NET they gave me a bitching deal of $12 bucks a month as I previously posted. The best part was when ATT asked me if I would stay with them if they dropped the price to $15/month then I got to tell them that I got a deal for $12/month and they can shove off.


I loved the band FEAR, unfortunately I didn't realize they were right about everything .

Prebuilt MythTV-based Media Center PCs

Monolith is selling prebuilt HTPCs with MythTV on top of Ubuntu. Also includes a remote, IRBlaster, and are customizable. read more

Why your IT Department Hate Macs.

The answer is: they don't. Corporations avoid Mac's not because they are hopelessly naive but for legitimate business reasons including volume discounts offered by PC makers, the need for standardization and expense of retraining the workforce. So don't blame your IT guru for corporate anti-mac policies, he's just following orders from the man. read more

giving sbc the finger

So i've finally got off my arse and switch from my highly inflated dsl monthly fee to a really great deal from I'd much rather support a local isp than SBC/ATT, i'm only paying 12 bucks a month for a good speed, if you want to give em a go click here .

Save PBS and NPR

House Republicans just voted to slash funding for NPR and PBS this year--and eliminate funding altogether in two years. We stopped them last year. We can stop them again. Sign the petition to Congress opposing these massive cuts to public broadcasting.

mac users why pay for office?

I just dont understand why anyone would pay for Microsoft Office when you get the same thing for FREE. On my windows and ubuntu box I use OpenOffice and it kicks much ass. On mac there is NeoOffice that was programmed NATIVE for mac dont lose money be smart and use it.

Panda Dog

Poor Thing A Panda Dog
Bush Vs Bush Freaking halarious and telling.

The Best Bay Area Band is Back!

Just in time to help me cope with the breaking up of Grandaddy, who comes back from the dead but OVERWHELMING COLORFAST . One of the most underrated bands to come from the bowels of Antioch (No idea why allmusic thinks Antioch is part of San Diego ha!). OC plays a melodic heavy super loud guitar style of music, and it doesn't hurt that singer songwriter Bob is a musical genius. Looks like i missed the reunion show 8/10/06 but look out for them coming to a town near you soon.

DeviantArt Version 5 Live! Finally

After almost a full 24 hours in delays, the webs most popular art community, DeviantArt, has got version 5 up and running! read more

No installation online poker!

Pitbull Poker offers a flash full online poker experience, I saw some guy playing it at one of the sf poker meetups. It was pretty sweet, no install means it works on any operating system. Yes that means Linux, Mac, or Windows. Plus I hear there's alot of fish there.

Zune already shedding features... is this Vista all over again?

Microsoft is delaying the video capabilities of its its Zune player, and it's not even released yet. Are there parallels here with Vista? Why don't they take a leaf out of Apple's book, and leak nothing until the product is ready to ship? read more

Small quake just hit us 4.7 ish

Everything shook here in the loft in SF real quck. Read More

The Folding Bicycle Steps Forward

Folding bicycles seem to be gaining popularity of late. The added versatility of putting your bike in the trunk of your car, carrying it on the train during rush hour, or just storing it in your ultra-efficient apartment seems to be more appealing than ever. The technology and aesthetics too seem to have leaped forward. I remember the Dahon my fath read more

THE worst educational recruitment video ever!

From Boing Boing: "Unfortunately, this is not a joke...and this is not an old video. Appalachian State University put out this video last year and it instantly became a viral hit amongst the educational community. It's probably THE worst educational recruitment video ever and possibly one of the worst songs ever recorded." read more

Waraku and Namitatsu

I stumbled upon Waraku and it instantly became my new favorite store in LA. Sneakers and T-shirts are imported directly from Japan with a focus on brands and styles not typically available in the US. I was able to grab a pair of Nike Sabaku slip-ons (below, left) and also learned about Namitatsu, the Japanese surf brand. Namitatsu, which translates to "wave master," is a line of t-shirts and sneakers featuring modern interpretations of traditional Japanese imagery. The most exciting of which are Yakuza surfers with Irezumi style full body tattoos designed by artist Hideo Takeda. Canvas slip-ons, lace-ups and high tops have these designs screened on to them. The Namitatsu site only seems to have t-shirts on it, but Waraku's online store has several styles for men and women.

If You Want to be Rich: First, Stop Being So Frightened

Felix Dennis, publishing tycoon, has written a guide to becoming a multi-millionaire. All you need is thick skin, cunning - and a work ethic. I am convinced that fear of failing in the eyes of the world is the single biggest impediment to amassing wealth. Trust me on this. Consider carefully this shortlist of what it will take... read more

The Credit Card Prank: Crazy Signatures

Here's an internet classic. John Hargrave at was frustrated that nobody ever checked his signature when he paid with a credit card. He wondered: how crazy could he make his signature before somebody actually called him on it. The answer? Pretty crazy. read more

Sweet womens bags

Thanks to Jess for this lead, felt bags for women. When you get to the site click the "open bags" link, clever.

meetup is a cool thing

Did u know that san francisco, or more accurately the bay area has a poker meetup group? Well they are a good group of folk check em out at and do a search for "The San Francisco Bay Area Poker Meetup group"

"Be An Expert On Anything" by Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert won't be taking the advice offered in this guide. He has dedicated his career to passing himself off as an expert on anything. Among the highlights: #6: Speak from the balls, not from the diaphragm #7: Don't be afraid to make things up read more

Tarantino Confirms More Kill Bill!

"Tarantino spilled the beans that once he finishes 'Death Proof' he will begin working on two more 'Kill Bill' films! Both films will be animated..." read more

Tons going on

I've moved from windows to Ubuntu Linux and am loving it so far, been playing with Vox another great blogging app, movies, and poker. More to come, i'm tired now zzzzzz.

Gizmo Project makes all VoIP to landline calls free. Forever.

Frustrated that Skype doesn't allow free international calls from international locations? Gizmo does, free! You can even buy a Call in line for $3 a month so your friend can call you from their landline. Available to Window, Mac, and Linux users! The only catch to this I've found so far is that the person on the other end only needs to be registered with Gizmo, but thats a small effort for free global calls, plus Gizmo just has better features than Skype. read more

SkyVenture Indoor Skydiving

For the thrill of skydiving without the height, SkyVenture is a vertical wind tunnel that safely and realistically simulates the experience of jumping out of a plane. Developed for training purposes, the tunnels feature wall-to-wall airflow that makes it easy for visitors to do flips and acrobatics while "flying." One enthusiast, writing in Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools newsletter, said she had "one of the most fun experiences of my life at a skydiving skills camp at SkyVenture." With locations throughout the U.S., in London, Abu Dhabi, and Malaysia, as well as with 15 other worldwide sites in the works, thrill-seeking acrophobics can start planning.
Who the F**k is Ted Stevens - Daily Show These are ur halarious leaders.

Study: Outsourcing Boom Is Over

The leveling off is due in part to experienced customers becoming more savvy and more picky about the work they hand to outsourcing providers. The reticence on the part of some customers is due to disappointment with the performance of their outsourcing providers, the study found. read more

I must be in this movie

Thanks to John for this gem of a contribution, go see it when it comes out...

William McDonough at Bioneers 2000

This is a conference by ?ber-designer/architect William A. McDonough, co-author of the highly recommended Cradle to Cradle. What you need to know about the video: It's about 45 minutes and it's great. It might even be life-changing for those of you who haven't been exposed to these ideas before.
Colbert Report: Dungeons & Dragons Choose your weapon!

New Grandaddy Video

Nice animation from of the best bands out there.

Pixies say they will never record again

lack told Uncut: "I wish it could go a bit further again and we could make a record. Not all of the band-members are willing to do that. Rather than make a big deal out of it, we've agreed to just continue to play live." read more

Freeganism: The Art of Dumpster Diving

Gliffy, the Online Visio Killer

Two guys with some time on their hands have created a tool that might just become a Visio-killer. Gliffy is a free diagramming tool that works entirely in your browser. Like other online apps, it has inherent advantages over traditional software. Collaboration is easier,and so is publishing diagrams you create to the web. read more

I'm back

1st day back from lovely Chitown did so much family stuff I hardly had time to see much of downtown Chicago. The weather was perfect a rarety for the midwest, lots of divided black and white folk no diversity, folks are on the larger side there. The diet is beserker, went to a drive through that had some sort of sandwich with shredded beef with melted cheese between the meat and the bun that wrapped it was deep fucking fried! I gained too much so now i'm on my Kate Moss diet. ok enough of the bs we jumped on one of those double decker buses and did a tour of Chicago that was pretty damn cool minus looking like a dork in a red double decker bus (again not a big deal when everyone looks like they do in that city). First place we went to was Mellinium Park you must see The Bean a giant metallic reflective bean shaped object about the size of a house. We then went to The Museum of Contemporary Art the collection was alright. Me tired more later.

Off to chicago today

9 hours of airplane makes adolfo a dull boy, pics and stories from Chi-town to come... thoughts of the day, sf housing sales slow but prices go up, what the hell?

heard at the gym today

on the stairmasters next to me, "... i love her skirt. what that one? yeah it looks so comfortable. i like my new gouchos. gouchos make me look fat, i dont know it must be the extra material. i really like his company but i just out of this long thing. what did he say? well he was bummed of course but. yeah u just got out of a 2 year relationship. hes in touch with his feminine side hahaha..."

Eagles of Death Metal

tonight at slims i hate slims with a vengance but i'll see you all there. rock me grrrrrrr

Comedic performer Robert Newman

I’m embarrassed to say I’ve only just discovered Robert Newman. But am now an instant fan. Don’t bother to read this post, just watch his video . The most entertaining and illuminating 45 minutes you’ll spend since, well, since sex education class in high school. So what are you still reading for? Go download this Google video. The future of the world depends on it. Move over, you carbon-offsetting, multi-million dollar Syriana, The Day After Tomorrow, The Corporation, V For Vendetta, The Constant Gardener, and Michael Moore fests, etc. Here is the real deal. A comedic performer, who cycles to his local gigs, rides Amtrak for his US tour, runs his multi-media shows on pedal power, uses a solar powered ISP for his website. And he has something serious to say, in the most engaging, funny manner I’ve encountered. Are you doing still reading this? The video !

Saw an amazing flic today

Invite your friends to SEE THE TRUTH . 5% of all box office receipts will be donated to the Alliance for Climate Protection and your support will help raise public awareness of global warming.

Family Guy Voice Actor's Speech @ Harvard (VIDEO)

Seth MacFarlane spoke at this year's Harvard Class Day. It's god head funny. I am surprised he got away with some of the stuff he said. read more

Do you play online poker? Do you live in WA? As of today, you're a felon.

"As of June 7, it is now a felony in the state of Washington to play poker on the Internet. The bill, S.S.B. No. 6613, has stirred up great anxiety in poker forums. Many feel, correctly, that they have been blind-sided." read more

High Tech Styled Baby Carriage Video

This guy made a super cool video about the Bugaboo Frog baby carriage, it sold me and I don't even have a baby! Oh and check out the loft its shot in, very cool. read more

Special forces to use strap-on 'stealth wings'

Elite special forces troops being dropped behind enemy lines on covert missions are to ditch their traditional parachutes in favour of strap-on stealth wings. read more

24 Hours to stop new copyright law

At issue is their plan to change copyright so that you're going to need separate licenses for "incidental" copies of digital music: copies in RAM, copies in browser caches, and so on. read more

51 Things

Curated by Paul Johnson, the owner of Phurniture (one of New York' most lauded destinations for 20th century art and design) 51 Things collects some of the rarest and most significant furniture, lighting, sculptures and decorative objects from the past 60 years under one vacant Toronto warehouse roof. Opening next week on 7 June 2006 and running through 15 July 2006, the 51 pieces in the show include works by such luminaries as Frank Lloyd Wright, George Nelson, and Carlo Mollino, as well as items by lesser-known artists and designers like Dennis Byng, Joe D'Urso, and Paul Evans. See works by these and other designers, along with a flyer and more info, after the jump.

X-Men: Last Stand Post-Credits Scene?

At the theater this weekend, when the credits roll, when the audiences begins to filter out of the exits... keep your seat. And then, perhaps, share this little secret with a few of your friends: the movie isn\'t over. read more

INSANE Mosaic! Check this out... crazy.

This is crazy. It goes on forever... please. I'm begging you. Check it out... read more

The Coolest Looking BMW Ever

The BMW Coupe Concept Mille Miglia 2006 is so revolutionary it doesn't even have doors! read more

Proprtions - How Small We Really Are

Basically it's models of the stars in our solar system that give a sense of perspective. But you got to see it to understand why it's so worthy. read more

SLC Punk

Maddox has the 2nd best blog besides mine I've ever read, oh yeah and he's got a book coming out u should buy. Whats in the water in Utah?

Get Yahoo Maps directions on your iPod

iPod Directions is using the Yahoo Maps API and some clever coding to make it super easy for you to grab directions (and maps!) and put those in your iPod. Thanks to for reporting on the story. read more

Amazing Video of 110 mph BICYCLE crash

This is what it looks like when your high-tech mountain bike snaps in half as you are riding down the side of a volcano at 110mph (172 kmh). read more

Watch TV online for FREE

forget paying for cable online tv aka iptv is the new trend and now that you finally have broadband you can watch some very cool stuff here are some links to do so:

Congress Wants to Ban Online Gaming

One of many controversial bills designed to regulate the internet has passed favorably out of a congressional subcommittee. This particular bill would attempt to ban certain types of online gaming รข�� including online poker. It is unclear if this is even possible or what the bill would ultimately mean for the internet. read more


This is THE teaser trailer for Casino Royale, the new James Bond English (as opposed to the French version earlier this week. read more