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New Coen Brothers Trailer

Gary Vaynerchuk Borders Book Signing

Me and Gary Vaynerchuk

I asked Gary if he's always that filled with energy and how he does all this social media stuff along with his wine business.

New Start Ups

I had the honor of attending a New Tech meetup at Mighty a few nights ago, it was a blast and had the opportunity to discover some exciting new companies. Nirvino Christian Schroeder, Founder Nirvino is a free, website and mobile wine resource that aggregates wine critic reviews into a single score. Users can quickly find or confirm great bottles of wine when they are on the go as well as receive food pairing tips specific to that wine. Zivity Cameo Wood, Product Manager Zivity is a community-powered showcase of female beauty. Razz Jeff Malkin, Co-Founder Razz is creating and leading a new category in photo enhancement called "audio-enriched photos." Users can mash well-known pop-culture audio clips and user-recorded voice with their favorite photos. With simple-to-use creatiion and consumption tools, Razz aims to be the YouTube of Talking Photos. MyMeemz/Skollar Alex Trolley, CEO / Founder Skollar is a Web 2.0 tool th


Conde Nast and Wired have bought Ars Technica for 25 million, rumor is that official word is coming on Monday.

China outsourcing the the USA?!

I so knew this was coming. DONGGUAN, CHINA -- Liu Keli couldn't tell you much about South Carolina, not even where it is in the United States. It's as obscure to him as his home region, Shanxi province, is to most Americans. But Liu is investing $10 million in the Palmetto State, building a printing-plate factory that will open this fall and hire 120 workers. His main aim is to tap the large American market, but when his finance staff penciled out the costs, he was stunned to learn how they compared with those in China. Liu spent about $500,000 for seven acres in Spartanburg -- less than one-fourth what it would cost to buy the same amount of land in Dongguan, a city in southeast China where he runs three plants. U.S. electricity rates are about 75% lower, and in South Carolina, Liu doesn't have to put up with frequent blackouts. About the only major thing that's more expensive in Spartanburg is labor. Liu is looking to offer $12 to $13 an hour there, versus about $2 an