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Air Car, Android Ups and Downs, Facebook Paypal Ouch

Download MP3 Exactly How Screwed Is PayPal? (Hint: Very) via @PandoDaily (:35) Android Fragmentation   (4:38) The Best Podcast Apps Apple Is Hiding From You (AAPL) via @SAI  (8:17) Airpod, the Car That Runs on Air   (9:55) Yahoo Conducting a Search for a COO as No. 2 to Mayer ( link ) ( 13:26) From the Archives: Marissa Mayer's 9 Principles of Innovation via @SheridanTatsuno Facebook stock tanks again as insiders rush to sell  (16:18) Speed Round: Mixi Starts New Service For Sending Real Birthday Presents via @Asiajin  (19:01) going out of business    (20:20) Unlock A Smartphone Just By Looking At It via @PSFK   (21:25) Android is under attack   (22:18) Tips: 10 Must-Download #STEM iPad Apps for Kids #tech via @smqueue@BurnsMcDonnell @ShellyKramer(@Your_Say)  (24:23) Page Eraser H

Why Do Developers Need Mobile CRM for their iOS Apps?

We interviewed  Mark Ghermezian  and  Bill Magnuson , co-founders of  Appboy  who hope to make the mobile app space  a happier place  for both developers and consumers alike. Mark and Bill share their vision of the Mobile CRM space with our SocialGreg .

Pure Devices Look to Bridge the "Digital Divide"

Most of the time when you think of the "Digital Divide", you may think more of the economics of the "haves" and "have nots." The "Digital Divide" is really about accessibility for groups no matter what the cause. A release caught my eye this week that will address this divide for seniors. It has been documented that getting grandma and grandpa on-line can help things like depression and cognitive skills .

iBroadcastTV Brings Social to Video Streaming

Nerd Stalker interview with Sam Rahimi and Tammy Manor of Canadian startup iBroadcastTV(we broadcasted this interview live on iBroadcastTV). iBroadcastTV is a social broadcasting service that allows you to have your own personal TV channel as well as allow users to view others personal TV channels. Sam and Tammy tell our Greg Viloria aka @SocialGreg their path to entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley and their vision for iBroadcastTV.