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20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Clipped from: ( share this clip ) Google creates a beautiful HTML5 book, have a look.

A cool free Photoshop book comes to the iPad

The World Without Photoshop.... NOW AVAILABLE IN iTUNES! from dan marcolina on Vimeo . Read More

Web 2.0 Summit 2010: Vinod Khosla, "Innovation vs. Punditry"

15 Presentation Tips For Startups

Nerd Stalker has the honor of being a longtime media partner for SF New Tech and during that time we have seen many a startup present. Sure there have been a few flops but for the most part we’ve been blown away by great demos. Increasingly startups are approaching us asking how best to present for the format. I finally got around to writing some observations on what seems to work vs. what (in my opinion) does not. Although this is specific to the 5 minute SF New Tech format, we think that some of this can apply across the board. We hope some of you entrepreneurs who take the brave leap to present can gain some value from this post. Be warned if your not the first presenter, chances are your going to swap in a laptop, ipad or some device to an external display. This tends to work quickly about 70% of the time so try to nail it. Make sure your battery is fully charged and bring your own dongle(s) you'd be amazed how many presenters miss these basic steps. If your relyi

Talking #UX with Finnish startup idean