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The Darjeeling Limited

I want a pre fab for xmas

Went to the dwell conference this past weekend, it was pretty inspirational. Maybe by some miracle I'll be able to find some land in San Francisco where I can drop a weeHouse on. The theme of the whole conference was still all things green, especially when it comes to building. I'll have more on this conference soon.

anti piracy ad with a twist

Mutsy Spider Stroller

I needed a durable but compact lightweight stroller, something with the style and comfort of a Bugaboo but light and compact like a Maclaren. I basically needed an all in one solution and despite tons of research and visits to baby stores had no luck. Then I went to and found the Mutsy Spider, it was the perfect solution for our needs. Mutsy has been around since the 30's thus has tons of experience with strollers and the products are beautiful. Most importantly my baby loves it.

New Bugaboo Bee Stroller Creepy Musical

The new Bugaboo Bee looks dope if you can get past the creepy cirque influenced video and a $530 price.