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The Trident Cyclops Series case for maximum iPhone protection - Review #tridentcase

Nerd Stalker received a unique and very rugged iPhone case from the Trident company. The Cyclops series iPhone case is military tested and provides ridiculously tough protection. We appreciate the eco-friendly packaging for the Trident. The case comes in multiple colors, we received the black case from the Cyclops series. It comes in two pieces one that holds the phone itself and the other that basically covers the screen and snaps into the base part of the case. We tested by dropping our iPhone5 4 feet onto cement in the case and phone held up fine. Once your phone is in the case it is really really in the case, in fact we had a bit of a challenge getting it out of the case. Another issue we had was that we access the headphone and mute switch and port regularly and the Cyclops flaps kept getting in our way. Now to be fair this is intentional and this issue would only arise for people who are constantly accessing this particular items on a very frequent basis. That being said the

Enhance The Concert Experience with Downbeats

We recently received a pair of downbeats earplugs which could not have been better timed. This would be perfect for our Solids (a very loud next coming of Dinosaur Jr. from Canada) concert in San Francisco. Downbeats claims to be high fidelity hearing protectors whose catchphrase is, "cut the noise keep the sound". They are reusable, low-profile, 18 dB reduction, small and good. They are easy to use, simply gently push them in and give them a slight twist until the flanges seal the ear canal. The downbeat come in a cool little metallic case which can be attached to your key chain for the avid concert nerd. The Haight Street club was a small echo chamber so the downbeat's were worth their weight in gold. I'm a stickler for fidelity especially at live shows so I would only give these a short chance and if they did not live up to their claims I would've chucked them ASAP. But they really did enhance the live experience and actually made the band sound even be