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BLURB - Nerd Stalker #45

I had the pleasure to interview Samantha Howe of Blurb in a very dark back room at a recent SF New Tech event. Blurb is a company and a community that believes passionately in the joy of books – reading them, making them, sharing them, and selling them. The work they produce is quite stunning, you actually get a professional final product and the best part is that anyone can produce one or many more. They have a key partnership with flickr, support pdf uploads, and have a wide array of book layouts to choose from or customize yourself.

Rentalic - Nerd Stalker #44

(2 mins) While at the ever amazing Maker Faire I stumbled an as of yet to be launched startup called Rentalic. Rentalic enables online person-to-person renting between friends, family and neighbors. The company is currently developing an online rental platform that will support a marketplace where Owners can post items for rent and Borrowers can search items to rent. By offering a wide assortment of products and services that are conveniently located and cost effective, Rentalic claims it can provide a high value service to local communities.

JavaOne UX Session Re-Cap

Notes from Ben Galbraith of Mozilla Session entitled "Creating Compelling User Experiences". In my opinion this was the be best talk at the conference thus far.

Livescribe Pre-Releases Platform SDK 1.0 for Its Smartpen Computing Platform

JAVAONE CONFERENCE – San Francisco – June 1, 2009 – Livescribe Inc. announced the pre-release of its Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.0 for Windows at the 2009 JavaOne Conference (Booth 722). Livescribe’s SDK includes Paper Designer for Eclipse, providing software developers with all the tools, technical documentation, sample code and support needed to create, publish, share and sell sophisticated applications for the Pulse smartpen. The pre-release Platform SDK also includes the Penlet SDK, which contains an Eclipse plug-in for penlet development as well as a suite of APIs, sample code, documentation, debug tools and command line build utilities. “The release of the SDK 1.0 is a significant step forward for Livescribe’s mobile computing platform,” said Jim Marggraff, Livescribe founder and chief executive officer. “We’re anxious to see what our more than 4,000 software developers already actively participating in our developer program will create to expand the functionality,