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Street Art

Streetsy is a new online mag that displays some of the finest street art around

Get your food on

25 of the most healthiest foods or something like that, yum .

Incredible Art

By Roberto Parada , my fave is Homer Simpson as a human.

Sign this to stop the A-holes, Dogs Rule

As you may already know from the news media, the Center for Biologic Diversity, with Brent Plater as their chief spokesperson, has filed a petition with the National Park Service requesting action within 60 days to ban off-leash recreation in all the GGNRA. The legitimacy of off-leash recreation in the GGNRA as described in the 1979 Pet Policy was affirmed by Magistrate La Porte last fall, and re-affirmed by Judge Alsup more recently when the GGNRA lost their appeal. Despite the government attorney's denying that an "emergency" existed at the time of the appeal, those organizations who signed on to an amicus brief authored by Brent Plater of the Center for Biologic Diversity, have signed a petition again authored by Brent Plater of the CBD. You have an opportunity to let the various officials of the National Park Service know how outraged you are with this petition, and the obvious intent of these groups to torpedo the upcoming Negotiated Rulemaking. The Ocean Beach Do

Evacuations Ordered in SF Financial District

There was an explosion right by my work, we are pretty sketched. PG&E are saying it wasn't their stuff which makes it extra freaky. read more  |  digg story

Aeon Flux movie trailer download

Check it out here .

Mike Tyson quotes

Someone has put together a great wiki of lots of insane Mike Tyson quotes .

Things in Rubbers

Just brilliant , this one is called "Gummy Bears on Soap", god I'm such a boy.

Bart/Subway maps for your IPOD

Cute little subway/Bart maps for your ipod photo for free, pretty handy.

Internet TV

Revision 3 has some super cool geek shows for the net check it .

200 free secret tips

Totally random kick ass tips

Bottled water is bs

As a confirmed bottled-water nut, it was sobering to read Tom Standage's excellent NYT piece on the total absence of any benefits to drinking bottled water over tap water -- it's not better for you, doesn't taste better, and is rotten for the environment.

I can't believe it's not not cgi

Stunning computer graphic rendered images.