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Computer Gamers Want to Preserve History

At the 2012 O'Reilly Maker Faire, there were all types of makers in the Tech Pavilion. Makers are not people who make physical objects but also make their dreams a reality. We interviewed Jeff Lin of the Digital Game Museum, whose organization's dream is to preserve computer game history here in the Silicon Valley.  If you love gaming, you can contribute to their cause at .

Facebook Sandwich Anyone? NS Tech News

Download MP3 Top Stories: Facebook Is Building The Facebook Phone Right In Front Of Our Eyes The Facebook Issue No One Wants To Discuss via @SocialSteve Pandora soars after beating analysts' estimates Facebook Beefs up Mobile Photo Sharing With Camera via @pcworld How Tim Cook is changing Apple - Fortune Tech Amazon warns protesters to stay off Seattle campus via @geekwire Speed Round: Security researcher: I found secret reprogramming backdoors in Chinese microprocessors Multimillionaire Software Exec Arrested in LEGO-Thieving Bar-Code Scam LG's 5-inch 1080p HD display out does Apple's Retina Display Comcast launches a new cable box worthy of taking on Roku, Apple TV @VentureBeat Bad news for site owners and mobile users: The average web page is now 1 MB AP

Whats Blue, Nerdy, Fun to make, and saves lives? Luma League

Adolfo Foronda of Nerd Stalker interviews the Founder of Luma League , Tim Z Falconer at Maker Faire. Started in April 2011 in Alameda, CA, Luma League has made and deployed bilirubin phototherapy lights (commonly called “bili lights”), and the calibration meters that go with them, to hospitals in Achham, Nepal; Goma, D.R. Congo; and St.-Marc, Haiti.

iPhone/iPad Interface Makes Rubberband Power Obsolete

Another Nerdstalker interview from the 2012 O'Reilly Maker Faire. Greg Viloria aka SocialGreg interviews Kazu Terasaki of GlueMotor. Typical maker, Terasaki does it for the love of his hobby. GlueMotor is an Open Source interface from KTLaboratory. No need for rubberband power anymore when you have an interface as easy as this.

Need an iPhone Microscope? UC Berkeley Researchers say you do

Our Social Greg at Maker Faire 2012, interviews Clay Reber with a research group from UC Berkeley who has created an application turning your iPhone into a microscope called CellScope. It is fascinating to see the iPhone turn into a applications engine. Applications of CellScope can be mobile disease diagnosis, water analysis, and field research. Hear Clay's take on how their device can change the world.

Yahoo debuts Axis visual search for all your devices

Yahoo! Axis is a new kind of browser that redefines what it means to search and browse the web. Watch this video to see how Axis works on your computer, iPhone and iPad.

Maker Faire Interview: Kurt Opsahl of Electronic Frontier Foundation

Our SocialGreg interviewed Kurt Opsahl with the Electronic Frontier Foundation at the 2012 O'Reilly Maker Faire. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is " Protecting Freedom Where Law and Technology Collide."  Kurt gave some insight on the foundation and how their organization protects online privacy rights of the individual.

Insanely Great Motion Controller for your Computer

San Francisco, CA based LEAP has released and incredible motion sensor for controlling your computer and more. See the demo below, goodbye mouse and keyboard.

Educreations - A Free Screen Capture App For Educators

Nerd Stalker interview with Co-Founder of Educreations Chris Streeter at the 2012 Maker Faire. Teach what you know. Learn what you don't. Create and share great video lessons with your iPad or browser.

Watch the Maker Faire Talks (Video)

See all the amazing Maker Faire talks here . Clipped from: ( share this clip )

Apple Microsoft Yahoo Google Facebook love/hate Kaboom

Download MP3 Adolfo Foronda (@nerdstalker) and Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) Weekly Picks for the Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast: Apple to ditch Google Maps in iOS 6, use in-house mapping solution (00:37) Where To Now For Yahoo? Thompson Out, Loeb & Co In ; Yahoo CEO blames search firm for error via @ SFBusinessTi ; Yahoo CEO apologizes -- for being a distraction | @ scoopit via @ DocDoCc / Yahoo CEO blames search firm for error via @ SFBusinessTimes (3:40) Americans Now Spend More Time On Facebook Mobile Than Its Website (8:06) The Password Protection Act of 2012: Latest Attempt To Protect Facebook Users @ allfacebook (12:15) Mozilla and Google accuse Microsoft of unfair browser competition | ZDNet (14:13) Chirpify lands $1.3 million to sell music and concert tickets through Twitter via @ geekwire (19:38) Speed round, what our c

Drippler Provides Content Based on Mobile Device Detection

Matan Talmi contacted me on a new mobile service that his company, Drippler, just launched. Drippler is a service that brings relevant content about the devices you love.  Their app provides mobile users with personalized updates on their mobile devices, and helps them make the most of their devices, with the latest tips & tricks, firmware & software updates, reviews & comparisons, troubleshooting & tech-support, apps & games, accessories and more.  So if you are into iPhone, iPad, or HTC whatever, this service aggregates all the device content for you. And if you love more than one device, you can follow 2 or more devices. What is cool about Drippler's latest release on Google Play , Drippler now brings content to your device by automatically detects your device and provides the news updates according to that device. It's #12 on the top free news app on Google Play and has a rating of 4.8. For more information, you can see their website, www.drippler.

Comparing Android to iPhone is So over

listen to ‘Comparing Android to iPhone is So over.’ on Audioboo Adolfo Foronda of Nerd Stalker gives his thoughts on the state of iPhone vs Android comparisons.