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Breakdancing Baby

Hello Kitty

Amazing images of a white bengal swimming tiger, beyond cool and a decent article to go with it.

I lika da Method

Like I said I dig Method , works good and doesnt kill me how cool is that?

Still evolving?

You won't believe my f'ing morning, so i was washing my hands this morning and pop goes my back! i begin wheezing and loudly grunting, room starts to spin, thought i was gonna pass out and wife yells at me to stop grunting i say, "MY BACK JUST WENT OUT"! she says to lay on the floor pulls baby from feeding, baby starts screaming. I'm laying on the cement halfway in the bathroom and out the door cant move, totally stupid. I had to lay there for an hour and a half till the motrin kicked in. mom finally gets here, wife puts baby down in bouncy chair next to me, baby proceeds to loudly poo, wife goes to work, i've now got pillows under my knees and head finally i've got to go to the bathroom again so after another hour i find a way to roll to my side then on my knees, then begin to crawl back into the bathroom, find a way to pull myself up on my knees, find a way to pull myself up to my feet, then i drag my slippers across the floor like some grandpa to the co


Eric was a good boy, he was going to play chess at a friends house when he was gunned down after chasing a scumbag 16 year old kid who just lifted his wallet. I thank my mom for getting me out of that neighborhood when I was a kid. I hope justice is served here although given the kid was a minor I doubt it will be, freakin Tragedy. The chronicle should be ashamed of themselves for not highlighting this tragedy more. Eric was related to the famous Panchita who started the mission Panchita name/restaurant fyi. Subject: San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect In May 15 Homicide San Francisco Police have arrested the suspect in the robbery-related shooting homicide of Eric Campos, 19, that occurred on the 3600 block ofSan Bruno Avenue on Tuesday, May 15, shortly before 5:00 P.M. Taken into custody yesterday, May 16, was a 16-year-old male juvenile. Investigative leads resulted in the identity of the suspect, who was arrested at about 11:00 A.M. on the street near his Sunnydale area residence

To Live and Die in LA

Looking forward to flying back to SF tonight, LA is just such a hollow place, nice to visit, yeah visit. Burbank was a smog pit and not a Prius in site, what is the matter with these people, i'm sure the kids outside are developing asthma it's just gnarly. Drove to Santa Monica in our rental Saturn, note to self I hate Saturns, you give it gas and it jumps hard, you give it brake and nothing much happens recipe for disaster if you ask me. Hotwire doesn't rent hybrids yet now that is just lame, anyhow been staying in Santa Monica visiting family and I must admit it's kinda nice. There is a chill kind of vibe here minus the freak rich people who are always in a hurry to run pedestrians over or cheaper cars off the road. I had a 20 something blonde in a new black BMW trying to get a piggy back ride on the Saturn, she was freakin insane. Then I saw some SUV tard (alone of course) run a stop sign and cause a bicycle rider to hit her brakes so hard that she fell in the inters

SF is on a green roll

San Francisco is on a roll. In April, the city banned plastic shopping bags, banned bottled water in some restaurants, and banned Styrofoam takeout containers. In another progressive step, plans are now under way to turn the copious amounts of waste vegetable oil produced by the city's 2600 restaurants into biodiesel. The goal: offsetting 20% of the diesel fuel used by city buses .

T line I hate you

The one day i'm up at 330am cause baby is sleeping in 2hr intervals with a 30min take down time I decide to try public trasit. I leave the house at 805am, walk to 3rd st. to take the T train, 15 min wait flashes on the sign at the stop, strike one, then after some time a bus comes honking at us to wave us on, I run through oncoming traffic to get on this shuttle. The guy takes us about 4 blocks to the caltrain station so lame, I jump off and jump on an oncoming T train. The train stops periodically for what seems to be no reason, it was stupid. Door to door it was an hour and 10mins from a pretty close potrero hill to the financial district, I am now an exhausted angry man.

chore boy

Was the sloth yesterday so I decided to go full throttle today with an 8am mega walk with the fam this morn. Then jammed to costco, to pick up some pictures I got developed. I'm also in the market for a new digital camera as my Supacam Digicam 6 just froze. Then spent the rest of the day getting rid of my non genuine xp pro os and going back to xp home. Yeah so I tried to install vista ultimate and there was this error that a ton of other folks are getting when trying to install vista something about a file not being able to copy. You should know i'm installing this from official microsoft dvd's so this is just beyond lame. I also made the uber rookie mistake for formatting my hard drive not realizing it would also format my other partions namely my godhead solid ubuntu partition. I was more than bummed, but hey I've got most of that data backed up and I guess this gives me the chance to run a more stable windows os now that I've finally got sp2 on it and i'll u

Mix07 Day 3 Morning

Woke bright and early at the Venetian just to find that the hot water was off in the entire hotel. When I talked to the front desk they said the water was getting warmer and that it should be good in a few mins. 15mins later it's still arctic cold, come on were in a freakin desert and I cant get hot water? You should see all the half awake unshowered people here this morning, halrious. Breakfast was good, runny eggs and bomb cheese blintzes. I sat with a couple different developers both were very nice one from boston and the other never mentioned where he was from but rather that he was a php/linux developer. I asked him what the hell he was doing here, he said that microsoft gave his work a free ticket. Of course the first track i wanted to go to was overflowing so I sat through a different AJAX one on optimization that was very interesting. It ended early so I jumped into a real gem, electricrain has a powerpoint killer app that produces some amazing presentations. more to come..