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Traditional Business Cards Are Dying

Business Cards Will Die

Glam - Nerd Stalker #5 Part 3

Nerd Stalker interview with Glam product manager Sasha Cagen. Sasha talks to us about the Glam Apps Platform. Sasha was another great guest, smart, super articulate, and as an added bonus she was our first female guest. After speaking with Sasha I was impressed with the value proposition of developing widgets for the Glam network. Glam seems to have a laser focus on their audience and how best to cater to them. Glam Media is number one in reach for women online. Glam Media’s vertical content network, with a reach of 77M unique visitors, is effectively changing the very definition of what a media company is in the 21st Century. Glam Media leverages the increasing fragmentation of the Internet —bringing together owned-and-operated websites, including flagship, with the Glam Publisher Network of more than 600 popular lifestyle websites and blogs and syndicated content from leading media companies.

zembly - Nerd Stalker #5 Part2

Nerd Stalker interview with Todd Fast , CTO of zembly . This was a really fun interview for us, zembly is really lucky to have him as a rep of the company. It pained us to make any edits as all of his content was really insightful. Zembly helps you easily create and host social applications of all shapes and sizes, on the most popular social platforms on the web.

Gigya - Nerd Stalker #5 Part 1

Gigya Eyal Magen, Co-founder & CEO #1 widget company Gigya helps publishers and advertisers increase reach and engagement, distributing widgets to any platform and providing powerful social features to any website.

Mashable SummerMash Nerd Stalker #4

Mashable SummerMash yoono Kevin Cuneo Community Evangelist speakTECH President & CEO Aaron Sloman MySites CEO Ramine Darabiha