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Green Festival Recap

Today I went to the last day of the Green Festival here in San Francisco. As we walked up to the concourse we were bombarded by everyone wanting us to sign petitions galore. There were the token hacky sackers, plenty of dreadlocks and petuli. Fortunately there were also those of us who were simply interested in what we can do in our small way to make this a better place (minus the hippy uniform). The line to get in was really long, it looked very crowded and we had a stroller. We thought of just leaving then decided to brave it, it helped when a nice lady who was leaving gave us her pass (love it when that happens). We get in check in the stroller in an area that was overflowing with stuff then we were off through the maze of organic/hemp clothing, bedding, social investing, solar gear, recycled bags, supplements, food/drink of all kinds, activist groups, magazines, eco educational masters programs and so much more. My favorite group/biz of the day was an alternative called


I bought tix for Henry Rollins several months ago, every time I see him I feel like such a lazy excuse of a human. The man puts so much effort and energy into everything he does, it's pretty damn inspirational. I left the Herbst Pavillion determined to let that creative alien burst it's way out of my entrails. Check out some of his Prevoked spoken word here .

Empire R Us

Amazing talks by the author of an amazing book, " Confessions of An Economic Hitman ". Part 1 Part 2