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Sports Recruiting Finally Levels the Playing Field by Going Social

Spring is here and we just about completed the first month of the major league baseball season. If you have a budding baseball player who wants to play college baseball but don't know where to start, you may want to continue reading this. We were pleased to sit down and talk with Brenton Sullivan, CEO and co-founder of FieldLevel. FieldLevel is a recruiting social network that helps coaches connect to help that baseball player find a program or help that college program find that player that will bring it to the next level. Brenton talks about how FieldLevel enhances the current recruiting system.

Microsoft makes another strategic mistake #oped

listen to ‘Microsoft makes another strategic mistake #oped’ on Audioboo My thoughts on the news that Microsoft delays ios/android releases till fall 2014.

The Tech Week Update

Download MP3 Adolfo Foronda and Greg Viloria pick out some interesting topics for Nerd Stalker's Techweek Update. We are talking about Google Fiber in the Captial of the Lone Star State, Baidu Glass?, WhatsApp with Google, Star Wars Laser? and more.

Startup Blog Insights - Building Your Startup House

Picture by Taffy Williams We are happy to announce that we will be talking to Taffy Williams every month to get his "slant"   about startups, leadership and business creation -- we call this segment Startup Blog Insights. We hope to get some in-depth thoughts from Taffy about topics in his blog. This month we discuss two articles Taffy wrote recently for the called  “ 5 Key considerations while creating a startup " and " 8 Hats Entrepreneurs Often Wear ."

Can You Crowd Source Social Good - That's Litterati

Crowd sourcing social good? Isn't that what the higher being's job is? At Nerd Stalker, we talk a lot about the coming of vertical social networks - social networks for specific topics and socially responsible apps - ones that help the overall good of the society. We had the pleasure at SF New Tech last month to see an organization that combined the two - Litterati . Our SocialGreg aka Greg Viloria sat down with Jeff Kirschner of Litterati and got a little more in depth on the beginnings of the Litterati idea, simple workings of the application,  and just being an entrepreneur.