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I f'ing love xmas!

I love winter, if it were up to me there would be 365 days of it. I know everyone thinks I'm nuts when I say that but i'll take the cold over heat any day. Bummer bout this global warming crisis, if it was an ice age i'd be smiling all the way to Armageddon. With this kooky time of year comes kooky xmas music, I must admit i'm a sucker for most of it. Granted Starbucks has coopted the idea of listening to the warm and fuzzy music and cozying up to some hot chocolate, but doesn't that sound nice all the same? My favorite xmas song was this duet by the oddest couple i've ever seen, Bing Crosby and David Bowie. Check out the vid above in all it's glory but for some interesting color read this 06 article on it too. Happy holidays all, hope you all get exactly what you deserve.

Adobe Envy

I wish Microsoft would come out with something comparable to Adobes Thermo for ria design/development see the sneak peak here it's pretty damn impressive.


Green Festival Recap

Today I went to the last day of the Green Festival here in San Francisco. As we walked up to the concourse we were bombarded by everyone wanting us to sign petitions galore. There were the token hacky sackers, plenty of dreadlocks and petuli. Fortunately there were also those of us who were simply interested in what we can do in our small way to make this a better place (minus the hippy uniform). The line to get in was really long, it looked very crowded and we had a stroller. We thought of just leaving then decided to brave it, it helped when a nice lady who was leaving gave us her pass (love it when that happens). We get in check in the stroller in an area that was overflowing with stuff then we were off through the maze of organic/hemp clothing, bedding, social investing, solar gear, recycled bags, supplements, food/drink of all kinds, activist groups, magazines, eco educational masters programs and so much more. My favorite group/biz of the day was an alternative called


I bought tix for Henry Rollins several months ago, every time I see him I feel like such a lazy excuse of a human. The man puts so much effort and energy into everything he does, it's pretty damn inspirational. I left the Herbst Pavillion determined to let that creative alien burst it's way out of my entrails. Check out some of his Prevoked spoken word here .

Empire R Us

Amazing talks by the author of an amazing book, " Confessions of An Economic Hitman ". Part 1 Part 2

Catalog Choice it's FREE

I get the craziest catalogs in the mail and the wife who hates sports got a football betting one today, luckily my friend Scott gave me a tip. Go to Catalog Choice , the mission of Catalog Choice is to reduce the number of repeat and unsolicited catalog mailings, and to promote the adoption of sustainable industry best practices. We aim to accomplish this by freely providing the Catalog Choice services to both consumers and businesses. Consumers can indicate which catalogs they no longer wish to receive, and businesses can receive a list of consumers no longer wanting to receive their catalogs.


In September I was invited to be on the guest list of a very cool event called Thread . I went to the website and saw all these 20 something girls shopping off racks in the photos, I then thought to myself that this was gonna be as cool as going to forever 21 and watching girls shop. But I was forced to go and i'm really glad I did cause those photos did not do this event justice. There were lots of bad ass independent designers from all over the place. I ended up buying an organic cotton hat from The Organik a couple of super enthusiastic dudes were working the booth. The Organik is from Hawaii and they are very passionate about the eco, green, sustainable lifestyle. Next up on my highlight list were the san francisco brothers of Artefacture, they were very design heavy, seemed like the type of guys who really really get into font type faces. The star of the show had to be the crew from Sole Junkie they custom paint sneakers or rather the very talented bronx boy Steven Cedre Jr

The Darjeeling Limited

I want a pre fab for xmas

Went to the dwell conference this past weekend, it was pretty inspirational. Maybe by some miracle I'll be able to find some land in San Francisco where I can drop a weeHouse on. The theme of the whole conference was still all things green, especially when it comes to building. I'll have more on this conference soon.

anti piracy ad with a twist

Mutsy Spider Stroller

I needed a durable but compact lightweight stroller, something with the style and comfort of a Bugaboo but light and compact like a Maclaren. I basically needed an all in one solution and despite tons of research and visits to baby stores had no luck. Then I went to and found the Mutsy Spider, it was the perfect solution for our needs. Mutsy has been around since the 30's thus has tons of experience with strollers and the products are beautiful. Most importantly my baby loves it.

New Bugaboo Bee Stroller Creepy Musical

The new Bugaboo Bee looks dope if you can get past the creepy cirque influenced video and a $530 price.

Maximize your water use.

Why everyone doesn't have one of these boggles my mind.

Miss South Carolina Tubes Map


Break out the tissue.

New Coen Brothers Movie

Props to John for the tip.

Cate Blanchette as Dylan

The Australian actress is one of several people to portray the legendary musican in the sanctioned biopic I’m Not There, directed by the great Todd Haynes.

Tin Foil Hat?

Are you one of those paranoid types that has a bunker in the backyard and are a member of a militia? Or just a tad concerned over privacy? Well then you may be interested in very cool open source application called TrueCrypt , it's easy to use and yes free as in beer.

Send a murder news scene

I've already sent a few of these out, thanks to Dexter the greatest show on TV right now. You can send a breaking news footage with your recipients name and message in the news cast.

Making the Broken

submitting by Biggy

Daft Punk Movie Trailer

Electroma is the name I hear it's awesome, check out the trailer here .


Got my tix for his spoken word show in SF, f'ing godhead.

Watch it while you can, Iron Man trailer

Sorry got taken down by "The Man".

Flight of the Conchords

Bush Administration sigh....

New bedness

So I had this uber expensive Harbor Plush Sealy mattress that turned to shite after a year, never got around to Sleep Train to tell them to suck it and take it back. So after 5yrs of misery I decided to pull the trigger on one of those memory foam mattresses, but after some research the big name Tempur-Pedic cheapest one was 2kish. I recall getting a Costco email ad and one of the products was a memory foam mattress by the name of Novaform . So I Googled the hell out of Novaform and read some pretty good reviews and the best part was that it was about a third thee cost of a tempur-pedic. I order the King sized Fresh Dreams version online knowing that it will be shipped to my house and that Costco has a god head return policy. It came super folded, deceptivly small and weighed 140lbs, 2 of us could not get it up the stairs. We had to borrow a dolly and get 3 of us to get it up the stairs, I could not imagine having to return this beast. I cut it out of he plastic wrap and hear a whoosh

Buffest Dog I Have Ever Seen [PIC]

Trippy mutation that makes this dog freakin huge. read more

Babies Lie!

Whether lying about raiding the biscuit tin or denying they broke a toy, all children try to mislead their parents at some time. Yet it now appears that babies learn to deceive from a far younger age than anyone previously suspected. Behavioural experts have found that infants begin to lie from as young as six months. Simple fibs help to train them for more complex deceptions in later life. Read More

i love a good lie

am i a hippy?

Video: Reel Mowers Cut Down Pollution

Putting Energy Hogs in the Home on a Strict Low-Power Diet

Larry Magid of the New York Times thought he was good about energy conservation until he took a Kill-a-watt meter to his home electronics, and was shocked. His PC drew 134 watts all night long, his DVD player 26 watts, and his stereo system 47 watts, all on idle or sleep mode. He notes that the Department of Energy estimates that in the average home, 40 percent of all electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off. Add that all up, and it equals the annual output of 17 power plants, the government says. His recommendations ...

Steam Punk

Retro-futurism is all the rage these days: antique computers, 8-bit game art, classic cases for modern gear, anything to make the onslaught of new technology less disposable. The yearning for timelessness in a constantly renewing tech culture has led to a spike in interest in the steam-powered, brass-encrusted world of steampunk .

The YouTube of Poker

They even got the whole Stu Ungar story there in 5 parts, pretty sweet.

Sweet biz cards

MOO dreams up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products. So web 2.0 with tie in's to vox, flickr, second life and more.

mr. mom

I never understood how Michael Keaton could ever get a leading role in a movie. So I'm on day 2 of watching the baby full time till mom aka (day care) gets back in little over a week. So far i'm a solid 6 on a scale of 10, but i'm trying so we shall see. I'm not good in heat and man Potrero Hill has been hot as hell (for san francisco anyhow) so me and baby have been all sweaty and yucky, please fog come back please. I'm still a bit too shy to go into the park with the other nannies and few parents, but I'll muster up the courage soon i'm sure as they already know baby. So I finally got around to watching the Apple WWDC keynote, not too thrilling, reminded me of what Linux has been doing for some time now but for FREE. I swear if Linux ever becomes more user friendly they or web based os's will take over the world. Web development for the iPhone was intriguing though, aside from that it was very meh. I mean who really uses coverflow to begin with? uh yea

These kids rock the freakin house

Kings of Leon The Warfield San Francisco, CA Tue, 09/04/07 On Sale Sun, 06/10/07

Help to stop the big coal give away

Congress could vote in the next fews weeks on a bill that would double our greenhouse gas emissions from planes and cars. It sounds crazy, but this is exactly what will happen if a current plan to use "liquid coal" passes. Coal is the dirtiest of fossil fuels and we have a serious global warming problem. I signed a petition urging Congress to vote no on tax breaks and subsidies on coal. Can you join me at the link below? Thanks!

Baby Flip

Baby gets accidentally kicked by a Breakdancer in the first vid this vid got so popular that someone then remixed it. Check them both out if you want.

I want to kick my own ass.

Oh god what has become of me? He owns eleven pairs of sneakers, hasn’t worn anything but jeans in a year, and won’t shut up about the latest Death Cab for Cutie CD. But he is no kid. He is among the ascendant breed of grown-up who has redefined adulthood as we once knew it and killed off the generation gap. read more ...

Breakdancing Baby

Hello Kitty

Amazing images of a white bengal swimming tiger, beyond cool and a decent article to go with it.

I lika da Method

Like I said I dig Method , works good and doesnt kill me how cool is that?

Still evolving?

You won't believe my f'ing morning, so i was washing my hands this morning and pop goes my back! i begin wheezing and loudly grunting, room starts to spin, thought i was gonna pass out and wife yells at me to stop grunting i say, "MY BACK JUST WENT OUT"! she says to lay on the floor pulls baby from feeding, baby starts screaming. I'm laying on the cement halfway in the bathroom and out the door cant move, totally stupid. I had to lay there for an hour and a half till the motrin kicked in. mom finally gets here, wife puts baby down in bouncy chair next to me, baby proceeds to loudly poo, wife goes to work, i've now got pillows under my knees and head finally i've got to go to the bathroom again so after another hour i find a way to roll to my side then on my knees, then begin to crawl back into the bathroom, find a way to pull myself up on my knees, find a way to pull myself up to my feet, then i drag my slippers across the floor like some grandpa to the co


Eric was a good boy, he was going to play chess at a friends house when he was gunned down after chasing a scumbag 16 year old kid who just lifted his wallet. I thank my mom for getting me out of that neighborhood when I was a kid. I hope justice is served here although given the kid was a minor I doubt it will be, freakin Tragedy. The chronicle should be ashamed of themselves for not highlighting this tragedy more. Eric was related to the famous Panchita who started the mission Panchita name/restaurant fyi. Subject: San Francisco Police Arrest Suspect In May 15 Homicide San Francisco Police have arrested the suspect in the robbery-related shooting homicide of Eric Campos, 19, that occurred on the 3600 block ofSan Bruno Avenue on Tuesday, May 15, shortly before 5:00 P.M. Taken into custody yesterday, May 16, was a 16-year-old male juvenile. Investigative leads resulted in the identity of the suspect, who was arrested at about 11:00 A.M. on the street near his Sunnydale area residence

To Live and Die in LA

Looking forward to flying back to SF tonight, LA is just such a hollow place, nice to visit, yeah visit. Burbank was a smog pit and not a Prius in site, what is the matter with these people, i'm sure the kids outside are developing asthma it's just gnarly. Drove to Santa Monica in our rental Saturn, note to self I hate Saturns, you give it gas and it jumps hard, you give it brake and nothing much happens recipe for disaster if you ask me. Hotwire doesn't rent hybrids yet now that is just lame, anyhow been staying in Santa Monica visiting family and I must admit it's kinda nice. There is a chill kind of vibe here minus the freak rich people who are always in a hurry to run pedestrians over or cheaper cars off the road. I had a 20 something blonde in a new black BMW trying to get a piggy back ride on the Saturn, she was freakin insane. Then I saw some SUV tard (alone of course) run a stop sign and cause a bicycle rider to hit her brakes so hard that she fell in the inters

SF is on a green roll

San Francisco is on a roll. In April, the city banned plastic shopping bags, banned bottled water in some restaurants, and banned Styrofoam takeout containers. In another progressive step, plans are now under way to turn the copious amounts of waste vegetable oil produced by the city's 2600 restaurants into biodiesel. The goal: offsetting 20% of the diesel fuel used by city buses .

T line I hate you

The one day i'm up at 330am cause baby is sleeping in 2hr intervals with a 30min take down time I decide to try public trasit. I leave the house at 805am, walk to 3rd st. to take the T train, 15 min wait flashes on the sign at the stop, strike one, then after some time a bus comes honking at us to wave us on, I run through oncoming traffic to get on this shuttle. The guy takes us about 4 blocks to the caltrain station so lame, I jump off and jump on an oncoming T train. The train stops periodically for what seems to be no reason, it was stupid. Door to door it was an hour and 10mins from a pretty close potrero hill to the financial district, I am now an exhausted angry man.

chore boy

Was the sloth yesterday so I decided to go full throttle today with an 8am mega walk with the fam this morn. Then jammed to costco, to pick up some pictures I got developed. I'm also in the market for a new digital camera as my Supacam Digicam 6 just froze. Then spent the rest of the day getting rid of my non genuine xp pro os and going back to xp home. Yeah so I tried to install vista ultimate and there was this error that a ton of other folks are getting when trying to install vista something about a file not being able to copy. You should know i'm installing this from official microsoft dvd's so this is just beyond lame. I also made the uber rookie mistake for formatting my hard drive not realizing it would also format my other partions namely my godhead solid ubuntu partition. I was more than bummed, but hey I've got most of that data backed up and I guess this gives me the chance to run a more stable windows os now that I've finally got sp2 on it and i'll u

Mix07 Day 3 Morning

Woke bright and early at the Venetian just to find that the hot water was off in the entire hotel. When I talked to the front desk they said the water was getting warmer and that it should be good in a few mins. 15mins later it's still arctic cold, come on were in a freakin desert and I cant get hot water? You should see all the half awake unshowered people here this morning, halrious. Breakfast was good, runny eggs and bomb cheese blintzes. I sat with a couple different developers both were very nice one from boston and the other never mentioned where he was from but rather that he was a php/linux developer. I asked him what the hell he was doing here, he said that microsoft gave his work a free ticket. Of course the first track i wanted to go to was overflowing so I sat through a different AJAX one on optimization that was very interesting. It ended early so I jumped into a real gem, electricrain has a powerpoint killer app that produces some amazing presentations. more to come..

Mix07 day 1 part 2 Las Vegas

Oh yeah forgot to mention in my previous post to check out the picture of the blue screen of death I got when walking into the Microsoft Keynote this morning, hilarious. Pretty bummed at Microsoft they really blew it for developers at this conference as all of the developer track rooms are over flowing. Really poor planning on Microsoft which is really surprising. I had to defer 2 of the breakouts I wanted to attend, I checked out the "Sandbox" this morning which was probably the hidden gem of the event. At the sandbox they have tons of machines with virtual machines on them with labs of the various new technologies to try, it was pretty cool. Then sat through a cool track called "Developing Data Driven Applications Using the New Dynamic Data Controls in ASP.NET", problem is this stuff is still in the early phases and sort of sidtracks biz rules and the whole biz logic layer instead depending on future release of Linq. Tried to see the ajax patterns with tr

Mix07 Day 1

So i'm at the Microsoft Mix conference here in Vegas and there is quite a buzz in the air here. Started with a great band that sounded like a mesh between oingo boingo and devotchka. Then Rey Ozzie took the stage to deliver the new path of microsoft, in short it's that for now there is going to be a connection between web and client apps as one is not dominating the other. Then he hyped Silverlight, which is squarely aimed at Flash and Flash video, looked nice but it's beta till the summer 1.0 release. They mentioned something called Photosynth for some uber powerful online photo zooming. Scott Guthrie then took over and mentioned Silverlight has a streaming option, a cross platform .net framework (yes runs on mac), demo's available for download starting today, free vid hosting/streaming, multi browser support, and support for virtually all programming languages. They are seeing a 300-1000% speed increase over using javascript. They showed demos run

2nd day in Vegas

Ok so I'm skipping ahead but it's my second day here in Vegas and I can't believe I haven't even played a hand of poker yet. I did see the bizzaro show called Jubilee at Bally's, yeah I will never do that again. In a nutshell baby was awesome on the plane, it's really warm/hot, the venetian rooms are amazingly huge, view blows a bit, people are bizzaro, the girls dress like prostitutes/prom queens, many jock hawks, and i'm exhausted and need more sleep. I'll be getting my first tournaments in tomorrow, probably at Caesars, Paris, or Ballys. more to come....

New Harry Potter Trailer Nerdlings

Mac mini htpc part 4

I've rediscovered that when you go to any non apple store you get lots of misleading and incorrect answers to any mac related questions you have. So I'm at the point where I'm ready to connect the mini audio to my bose system. The mini has a optical out option, but the jack can be used for either optical or your regular 3/4" headphone jack. So I went to Radio Shack to look for a cheap optical to RCA cable as my old bose only takes RCA. Radio Shack tells me only the Apple store has such a cable, and that Apple likes to make things you can only get at the Apple Store (bs), I know they don't know what theyre talking about so i'm off to Best Buy. Best Buy tells me essentially the same crap so i'm finally off to the Apple Store. I park far far away from the Apple Store and make the trek, they tell me theres to such cable and that going optical to RCA makes no sense anyhow so I may as well go 3/4" to RCA. They show me the cable they have which sells for $30

Sci Fi love watch it while you can

Thomas Friedman Awesome Vid

The Landlord

Great little vid Will Ferrell put together check it out .

New Bourne Movie Aug. 3! Trip out

I'm a huge fan of The Bourne Identity series, in my opinion they have blown away every bond flic for quite some time. Check out the yahoo exclusive trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum .


If you are needing some inspiration and motivation this week, the Pop!Casts from Pop!Tech might be just the answer. The people who create the Pop!Tech new ideas conference each year and brought you the beautiful AntiBabel EP have recently released vidcasts of some of the most inspiring presentations from their conferences over the last three years. So far there are 22 casts online but new segments will continue to posted every few weeks. Pop!Tech tell us that the Pop!Casts are “published under a Creative Commons license, meaning you can distribute, translate and edit them as you wish for noncommercial use. Sharing Pop!Casts with peers is one of the ways you can inspire collective thinking and action around the topics you’re most interested in.” I recommend presentations by Richard Dawkins, world-renowned biologist and evolutionary theorist, Reggie Watts, human beat-box polymath musician and comedian, Lester Brown, preeminent environmentalist and head of the Earth Policy Institute and

Save People

I was watching Frontline the other night and came across an amazing non profit they were profiling named Kiva . Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world. By choosing a business on, you can "sponsor a business" and help the world's working poor make great strides towards economic independence. Throughout the course of the loan (usually 6-12 months), you can receive email journal updates from the business you've sponsored. As loans are repaid, you get your loan money back. I'm partial to Bolivia, register then login and do a search for "Bolivia" and give a little to someone just trying to become self sustainable. The best part is when you get paid back you can just loan it to another person in need. Banks sometimes charge 30% for loans and loan sharks charge 200-300% interest, Kiva charges nothing, they are nothing short of amazing. Make sure to check them out .

LBJ Ordered Assassination of JFK Says Hunt On Deathbed

This won't surprise people who have been following JFK's assassination for a long time, and many disbelievers will ignore this, but this is an important confession and, hopefully, more will follow. read more

Mac mini htpc part 3

Ok so I went to the tiny apple store at the santa rosa mall (don't ask) and picked up my hdmi to svid cable. When I got back home that evening in sf I hooked it up and it worked instantly, I'm very impressed. Now I'm just shopping for a blue tooth keyboard and trackball, why a trackball? Cause using a mouse on the couch would be lame. Also still shopping for an external drive, was thinking of trying to replace the existing drive but it looks like a pretty giant pain in the arse to do, that and the fact it uses a notebook sata type drive, i'm still deciding on what to do. Frys sent me an email that my killer deal ram I already bought is out of stock, god they suck.

Nice new Mac app

Cleans the desktop with tabs pretty cool and nice demo. read more

Mini HTPC Part 2

So the mac mini was delivered the next day i bought it via fedex even though i picked free shipping cause it was so close in Sacramento, kick ass. Problem is we were not home to receive it so I had to wait 2 days and got it today. I'm already cruising dealram to buy a couple chips to bump it up from 512k to 2gb of ram. I'm also having a distant thought of replacing the 80gb sata hd with something bigger. In the short term I'll buy or build an external giant drive. So I've been looking into the pvr solutions for the mini at first I was sold on the elgato solutions but after reading amazon reviews I'm gonna do more investigating. One big issue is that the remote that comes with the elgato will not control my directv box thus forcing me to use it like I was using my old vcr. That is keeping it on channel 3, telling the elgato to record at various times but selecting the shows via the directv box a bit of a pain but better than a monthly fee? not sold yet. Tivo is start

Thanks to Anita for this one.

mac mini htpc

Well I finally did it, I pulled the trigger on a computer to "build" a home theater personal computer (htpc). After a ton of research I finally decided to go with the Apple Mac Mini, comes with Leopard, remote, front row, etc. Reason is I want the family to have a really easy to use music, photo, and video viewer. I also plan to throw a giant usb 2 external drive on it then get some sort of pvr solution for it like that from Miglia or El Gato . I looked at buying or building a computer from scratch and throwing something on it, the front runner was Windows Media Center . But i've been running a very unstable xp box for years and as a result I've been pushed to Ubuntu Linux which is a fantastic desktop solution for me. Anyhow all the virus/trojans one can get so easy on windows is a challenge let alone how often one has to reinstall the os. I think windows mce was a bit more than my family needed although I will keep an eye out when the vista version is released but t

Pet Peeve 3.14

You with the Golf umbrella, yeah the one that covers the entire sidewalk, yeah the one that can cover 4 people beneath it, your a dick. You must be stopped, sure you crushed many of my $3 china town umbrellas but I will have my revenge, and you won't even know when it happens.

Yet another new parent tip - new gear

Thanks to some buddies in Lake Tahoe we discovered the wonders of Bumbo , it's a support kinda seat thing for babies who can support their own neck. They sit upright and look freaking halarious in it, it's pretty rocking check it out .


Don't you hate it when you order takeout and besides all the containers, there are stacks of servietttes and half a dozen knives and forks that you don't need? The Eco-Agents in New York City did. This group's main preoccupation is saving the Amazon Rainforest, but are also "involved in personal and group discussions about creating responsible environmental consciousness towards nature in particular when it comes to plastic and paper waste." They have started a campaign called eco-to-go, where customers inform the takeout joint that they want nothing but the food in its containers, no napkins or forks or other waste. I've noticed that certain takeout chains get this already, asking if customers need condiments or cutlery. Congratulations to Eco-Agents for trying to make this more common. I suggest that they might go the next step of suggesting that people bring in their own containers to avoid wasting cardboard or polystyrene, (like they do at Bring Your Own.O

Rage Against the Machine in SF

I got the scoop suck it! Aug 18 2007 12:00P Rock The Bells, San Francisco - McCovey's Parking Lot (South of AT&T Park) San Francisco, California

Air Guitar

Air Guitar Nation , the documentary about pro air guitarists, has been bouncing around the festival circuit to wide acclaim for the last year or so. Opening this Friday, 23 March 2007 (in limited release in NYC and L.A.), its day has come. In 2002 Krison Rucker happened to read in the Wall Street Journal that the International Air Guitar Championship was being held in Finland. He got his friend Cedric Devitt to join him and they went to Oulu, Finland to check it out. Cedric spontaneously entered the competition and came in fifth place. Upon returning to New York they decided that the U.S. had to compete the next year. They formed the U.S. Air Guitar Championships and teamed up with production company Magical Elves and director Alexandra Lipsitz to make a documentary about the whole process. Air Guitar Nation follows the competitons in NYC and L.A. to find the US Air Guitar champion, who will then go to Finland to compete for the world title. The two major contenders and characters are


To the young blonde woman at my gym, what were you thinking when you bought those skin tight workout sweats that actually read, "Pink Love" across your ass? No really? I'm dying to know what would start this train wreck, you are my nightmare. SNL actually did a skit about that, don't you realize that? Or were you too busy watching 24hr Anna Nichole news? My money has it you have a target tattooed on the small of your back too.

Band of Horses

Buy this album before some other guy plays this for your girl then seduces her away.


iConcertCal is a free iTunes plug-in that monitors your music library and generates a personalized calendar of upcoming concerts in your city. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X and supports worldwide searches.


You may notice the new iLike badge in the right column of the blog, thanks to Casey for this tip. What is iLife? funny you ask... iLike is a service to help you organize your music, share your music tastes, and discover new music through your friends. iLike provides a buddy-list for your iPod - it helps you discover new artists based on what you're already listening to, and it helps you browse your friends' music libraries and share music suggestions with each other.

I've heard these so many times

ALL the TECHNOLOGY you ever need to know in order to STUMP your OPPONENT in a technical argument. Use these only when your back is against the wall -- they're definitely desperation tactics. 1. That won't scale. 2. That's been proven to be O(N^2) and we need a solution that's O(NlogN). 3. There are, of course, various export limitations on that technology. 4. The syntax is idiosyncratic. 5. Trying to build a team behind that technology would be a staffing nightmare. 6. That can't be generalized to a cross-platform build. 7. Unfortunately, the license would contaminate our product. 8. If we go with that idea, we're going to have Don Marti camped out in the front lobby with 300 angry software jihad supporters. 9. Our support infrastructure simply can't handle the volume that change would involve. 10. I had one of the interns try that approach for another project, and it scrambled the CEO's hard drive. So I think it's going

Jose Parla

I guess you can call if graffiti art but it's so much more, some of us are touched by genius. Take a look .

F Fox

The Democratic Party of Nevada just announced plans to let Fox News host a presidential primary debate.1 But Fox isn't a legitimate news channel. It's a right-wing mouthpiece like Rush Limbaugh and the Drudge Report—repeating false Republican talking points to smear Democrats. Fox has already tried to skew the '08 race by accusing Senator Barack Obama of attending a terrorist school. CNN immediately exposed the charge as false,2 and Obama hit back by refusing to appear on Fox—sending them scrambling.3 Democrats can force Fox to be fair and balanced by fighting back hard. Can you sign this petition by clicking this link asking the Democratic Party of Nevada to drop Fox as its partner for the presidential primary debate?

Vivian Westwood exhibit

Vivienne Westwood is both iconoclast and global icon. In the 1970s, she electrified the world with the launch of punk fashion and went on to become one of the most inventive and influential designers of our time. Fashion to her became "a baby I picked up and never put down." This exhibition , which was organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and which makes the de Young its only U.S. stop on an international tour, celebrates Westwood’s extraordinary, nearly 40-year-long career. Known best for her fearless nonconformity, she also has a profound respect for the past and looks to it for inspiration. With tradition as her springboard, she takes historic garments such as corsets and crinolines and reinvents them in new ways or uses thoroughly British fabrics like tartans and tweeds to create fashion that gently parodies Establishment styles. However outrageous or provocative the result, her approach has always been practical. She is driven by a curiosity about how thin

to the

to the middle aged white guy in blue with the hairy arms, that was really classy of you to crap your pants then leave your stank fart for all of us on the ellipticals. go buy another pair of 80's nylong shorts, your still a jackass. 24hr fitness is kinda ghetto, especially in sf, I especially love how when you leave the girls say goodbye but don't look at you, so when you say goodbye back to them they have resumed the conversation that you interrupted by leaving, thus making u look like a jackass saying goodbye to the air.

Lovecraft has a commercial

Had I not dropped for my Prius I would have loved to have geek'd out and built my own veggie oil car.

Save NPR and PBS from Bush Attack

George W. Bush is trying—yet again—to slash funding for NPR and PBS. This week, Bush proposed a new budget with devastating cuts to public broadcasting.1 "Sesame Street" and other ad-free kids' shows are under the knife. So is the independent journalism our country needs. Enough is enough. We've fought this fight before and won—but we can't afford the risk anymore. With the new Congress, we can make sure this never happens again. We need Congress to insulate NPR and PBS from the political winds. We can make it happen if enough of us sign this petition: "Congress must save NPR and PBS once and for all. Congress should guarantee permanent funding and independence from partisan meddling." Clicking here will add your name to the petition

Gimme 10cc's of something stat!

I've been wanting to learn cpr lately but am dreading going to yet another community college ghetto class then I found this great free online video resource.

i want to be him

was up a 4am this morn bouncing

i'm so exhausted, baby was being fussy, wife was burnt so i had to do my pacing time with baby. she loves the bathroom fan, don't know what kind of magic powers it has but it's the last line of defense against baby implosion freak out. heres some updated pix , she's growing like a sprout and her hair seems to be turning brown like her moms.


How do they do it? Rage Against The Machine reunion will cause the end of the world as we know it.

Free Banksy

The almighty artist Banksy whose stuff has been sold for gazillions of dollars by all the celebs has offered lots of his art free for download . Your welcome.

First week back at work

Well it was my first week back at work, wife did ok while I was gone although it was really tough for her one day. When I got home I could tell i had to grab baby quick and do some long time holding even though I was still in work clothes but I was happy to do it. Friday night was cool, got to go to the House of Prime Rib with the fantasy football league ate to the point past where I should have. Again when I got home wife was on her cell calling me for help, perfect timing and I spent the next couple hours walking baby around the loft while wife passed out. Baby has been improving this weekend, sleeping durations seem to be longer, poops more regular, lets hope that trend continues. Big outings for us have been walking her around in the stroller about 10 blocks to the local Starbucks, sitting in the Sun for a bit then racing home before baby loses her mind. Our stroller is the cheapest you can find, we are toying with the idea of getting a nicer one given that walks we take her on are

first bath

Today baby got her first bath, u see ur supposed to only bathe a newborn after the remaining belly button falls off. You can sponge bathe the baby before that but should avoid the area, so we were stoked when we were able to give the submersive bath a try. The doc told us that the bath can go well or can be dramatic like putting a cat in the bathtub. Fortunately for us it went great and she took to it really well. Evenings are tough, it seems she get much more squirmy then and it takes forever for her to get settled. Wish me luck....

I miss Power Computing

Back in the day when Gil Amelio was running Apple he allowed some 3rd party (or beige box) manufacturers license the Mac OS. I actually bought one of these machines by a fantastic company at the time called Power Computing, unfortunately when Steve Jobs got Gil out with a nice board coup he killed this program. I think this was the only major mistake Jobs ever made, however we seem to be at a crossroads here. With the advent of virtualization software it is making specific hardware irrelevant (think vmware or parallels). So what is the logic in trying to stop an oncoming flood? Just open it up and let anyone like Dell or whoever throw OSX on their machines. How did Axiotron come out with this beauty of a tablet mac?

Walking in my hood yesterday

We got out of our cage for a bit to enjoy our hood, little did we know how cold and windy it was but that was not about to stop the 3 of us. Our hood is made up of lots of really great design companies and we happened to stumble upon 2 really great new furniture shops. Cisco Home has an amazing new show room, you would never guess that this innocuous 16th street business would house such a great space. The front of the show room is made up of a nice selection of contemporary pieces where the rear is composed of more traditional wood type stuff. Robert (Sales Associate) tells me they are having a floor sample sale this weekend, so check them out. Right upstairs from Cisco Home is the uber green eco terric store, as their name implies the furniture, flooring, home supplies, and clothing are made up of fair trade environmentally friendly items. They seem very hard core into what they do which is refreshing, there is not alot of color and items are on the pricier side but then again you&

Most expensive Pizza

Yesterday was a bit hectic, Sophia was uber fussy and we couldnt figure out why. We pulled out all the tricks and she was having none of it. Round 4am we figured out it was due to the fact that the remainder of her cord was about to drop. She finally exahusted herself and we got to sleep from 4am-9am, it was heaven. Sure enough her belly button remains dropped out today, very cool. Last night I was craving my fave Bravo Pizza in the ghetto of Geneva/Mission, I ran in to pick up my order but there were no spots so I took the far end of a red zoned bus stop. Of course I see a couple of sf's finest flat foots walking bye then I went running out to explain. My talking saved me the $200 for bus stop parking but they would not budge on the red zone, so my pizza dinner ended up costing me about $95 ummm good pizza, sigh....

Kai Kln is back!!!

I'm walking by the Bottom of the Hill and who do I see playing this sat 1/13/07? The legendary Sacto outfit known as Kai Kln , man I'm so all over this, it's a $10 all ages show starting at 9:30. Note they go on 2nd in a 3 band show, see you there!