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NPR has some Great streaming Rock Concerts for free

Death Cab for Cutie, White Stripes, The Shins, Secret Machines, Bloc Party, the Decemberists, Bright Eyes, and Wilco Listen Now ... Some real good stuff in there

What I'm listening to

Rogue Wave's second album, Descended Like Vultures, makes the complex indie stylings of their 2004 debut, Out of the Shadow, seem almost pared-down; here they flesh their sound out with full, almost romantic arrangements. Guitars alternately swell to anthemic proportions and recede into quiet strumming while vocals are similarly well-balanced, weaving their way through tracks and slipping into harmonies. The upshot recalls both vintage Beach Boys and, of course, labelmates The Shins, whom Rogue Wave shared billing with on a North American tour last year. The Oakland-based quartet's lovelorn, slightly literary lyrics, coupled with lead singer Zach Rogue's semi-mournful delivery, and their full, lush guitars hint at a California sound established by bands like, stalwarts of the San Diego scene, Pinback and Heavy Vegetable. Pick up Descended Like Vultures from Sub Pop or iTunes.

I knew it!

Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations.

I've scooped em again

Check out this world exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Trailer ! This is a direct link and you'll have to download xvid to watch it. :) Have Fun an Have A Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Didn't see SNL last night?

Well a friend of a friend of ours wrote a halarious Steve Jobs sketch, check out the vid . Of other notes we saw Death Cab for Cutie at the Warfield a few days ago and it was pretty good. Not fantastic but pretty good, the downstairs bartenders were making fun of the band (of course they were all sleeve tatooed so they thought they were cooler than you). Oh and the MobMov thing was awesome, Kudos to Brian and Julie for kicking it out. We sat in the middle of nowhere and no one was there at first. So we waited it out and at the last min. they showed up, it was pretty cool no one shows up early cept the newbies. Brian shoots a projector against some wall and leaves his car running the whole time so the has juice for it, the dvd player, and the fm transmitter. He also busts out a huge box of concessions and sodas for only a buck each. He accepts donations for his time but is in no way pushy about it. I highly recommend it.

SF MobMov Tomorrow Night

R u down? It's actually in Berkeley. If so look for my little silver car. Mobmov-Berkeley presents "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" Friday, Nov 18th at 8:00PM Berkeley, CA ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** Tell us you're coming so we can plan: RSVP . The RSVP link should work now. Please click it if you're coming. See you all tomorrow! Info: ********************************************************************** Location ********************************************************************** Railroad Barrens Map: Our classiest joint with lots of room for all. Head to the corner of 4th and Channing. Turn north for about a quarter block - we're very visible from the road on your left. ********************************************************************** Radio station ****************************

I want to play so bad!

The real life spy/asassin game Street Wars hits SF! One of my coworkers is on the tip and she's already freakin out. You say you want in? Too late lamer, it's full, lets run off to Vienna for the next game. Man this looks like too much fun, bummer I'm gonna miss out. STAY DRY...

A Night with Hank

The other night me and the wife went to The Palace Of Fine Arts to go see a spoken word performance by the legendary Henry Rollins . The talk was amazing he went for almost 3 hours straight, this guy is by far the hardest working man in show business, he's a musician, poet, author, and actor. As most of you know Henry is best known for being one of the singers of the legendary L.A. punk band Black Flag. And he currently sings for a band called The Rollins Band, I'm not the biggest fan of this current band but I appreciate the effort. This guy has been all over the world and has so many fantastic stories about everything from fat car worshipping walmart going middle america to subjecting himself to the horrors of a week long train ride through Siberia Russia. He's also done a ton of work for the USO entertaining our troops in IRAQ even though he is totally Anti Bush. He puts his money where his mouth is and is the true voice of Generation X/Y so go have a listen to some of

beautiful overpopulation

An exhibition of photographs from Michael Wolf's new book, Hong Kong: front door / back door opens today at Colette in Paris and runs through 3 December. Having lived in China for over 10 years, the book is Wolf's third monograph that takes the country as its subject and his images reflect both his intimacy with the city and an objective journalist's eye. The upshot is a collection of photos that are as stunning aesthetically as they are rich in content.

Uber Music

Kim Garrison is playing at the Make Out Room in SF 11/7/05, see you there.