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How America is Watching Television (Infographic)


Zillow, Bitcoin, Hilton, Robots, Yelp oh my its a Nerd Stalker!

Nerd Stalker Picks of the Week: Zillow buys Trulia for $3.5B to create an online real estate giant It Looks Like 30 Is the Ceiling for How Many Apps People Use via @WSJ Blockchain Returns to Apple iOS with New Bitcoin Wallet Is YouTube Really Bigger Than Facebook? The Numbers Say Yes via @ReelSEO "Hilton Hotel Guests Will Be Able to Use Smartphones as Keys or to Choose Rooms at Properties World-Wide" Google Smart Lenses May Treat and Detect Illness via @psfk Personal EKSO, an Exoskeleton Designed to Replace the Wheelchair Amazon Now Has a Create-Your-Own 3D-Printing Store via @Gizmodo Speed Round: Yelp Now Lets You Add 12 second Video Reviews Samsung indefinitely delays the release of its first Tizen smartphone via @gigaom EFF asks judge to rule N

'Never Alone' Game has Cultural Roots to Alaskan Indian Tribe

At the 2014 Casual Connect Game Conference , the Nerd Stalker gang caught up with Sean Vesce and Amy Fredeen of E-Line Media on their upcoming "World Game" release called Never Alone . Never Alone is a Atmospheric Puzzle Platformer game based on an Alaskan folklore from a tribe called the Inupiaq (ee-new-pee-ack). It is story of a young girl who travels with an Artic fox to find the source of the big blizzard affecting their land. Check out their interview to find out more about Never Alone and the cultural story behind the game.

Startup Blog Insights - Agile Investors and Is Your CEO a Spin Doctor

This month we discuss being agile when your partners and investors aren't and CEOs that spin news - Truth or dare?. We catch up with  Taffy Williams  of  Startup Blog  and for his insights on his articles  titled “Investors and Partners May not Think Agile” and an article on Startup Blog “ CEOs walk a fine line when using a positive spin ."  Taffy gives examples from his experience of Agile ways of thinking and insights on how investors think . Give it a view!

Casual Connect Gaming Conference Opens in SF Today

If you are into gaming, Casual Connect is the  place to learn more about the gaming industry which entertains over a billion people each month.  Casual Connect just opened their three day conference today in San Francisco at the Hilton Union Square Hotel. The event has all the typical things you want - Lectures, Industry Leader speeches and vendor booths. A lot of people consider this a very influential event next to Game Developer's Conference.  Google Android seems to be gaining traction with game developers and they want to do it through  Google TV  as announced at Google I/O .  One of the opening speakers of the event, Bob Meese of Google Games and Development, said that "3 of 4 Android users play games."  In fact, if you want a free Android TV Development kit click here . See you at Casual Connect.

myWebRoom Opens a Creative Design Display and Workspace in San Francisco

There are a lot of tech workspaces here in this town. Some cool, some small, some drop dead gorgeous but this one is all three. myWebRoom's fresh layout at 875 Sansome St. in San Francisco is Tech x Designer Showcase. They showed off their space this week decked out in artwork from SFMOMA, SF Design Center and Zazzle. Their workspace represents how the "Real world and virtual world connects" says co-founder Artem Fedyaev. Check out what both myWebRoom co-founders Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez say about their company and their space.

Kickstarter Unboxed: Shaun Alexander of Total POM

How do you track your things that have legs or wheels? You need real-time GPS, cellular and Bluetooth tracking. This is the product promise of the Total POM. We talk with Shaun Alexander of Total POM where he discusses Total POM and also his insights into their first Kickstarter campaign. 

MobileX Labs Driven by an Entrepreneur's DIY

So what do you do when you something doesn't exist or you can't afford it? You do it yourself. That's what Dan Novaes (Noh-Bai-ehs) of MobileX Labs has done. Back in 2010, Dan wanted to build a mobile app for his music blog. It was too expensive through developers. so Dan built it through through a Fiverr contact and said there has to be easier way. Well, MobileX Labs is the easier way. MobileX Labs allows you to build a mobile app or a mobile game through a subscription similar to WIX. Dan also shares his experience with Mark Cuban and being a part of the Mark Cuban Portfolio companies.

Swapbox Says Goodbye to Your Delivery Guy

How would life be without waiting for your package to arrive? Sweet, huh? That's the promise that Neel Murthy of Swapbox wishes for your life. Swapbox is a service that allows you to pick up that package on your schedule not someone else's. This service is similar to the Amazon Locker  with 7-11 but the big difference is that you can send items too. We met Neel at SF New Tech where he launched their product. Check out our interview of Neel as he shares how he will make your life better.

Going Paperless - Managing Your Video Shoot with an iPad

The gang here at Nerd Stalker likes . We had a chance to talk to one of their "Staff Authors" -  Nick Brazzi  about managing video production paperlessly with an iPad. Nick does this for a living and is an Apple fan from his previous stint at Apple. Nick describes one of his latest video instruction creations "Managing Your Video Shoot with an iPad." as his own conceived workflow. If you do any type of video production, check out Nick's thoughts on how he came to develop this course and what you can gain from it.

Nerd Stalker Week in Tech Podcast Watch/Listen Now.

Nerd Stalker Picks of the Week: Video Of The Week: Larry Lessig On MayDay PAC What Is Cramming? And Why Did The FTC Say T-Mobile Fraudulently Made Millions From It?… via @SAI (Steve Kovach / Business Insider) Amazon enters retail top 10 VMware Declares That Windows Reign 'Is Coming To An End' ... And The Mac Is Taking Over via @SAI (Julia Bort / Business Insider) Why Windows Phone cannot rebound l  (Jennifer Newton | DailyMail UK) Bitcoin may have finally reached a tipping point A Guest post by Mike Wade of IMD on Amazon's Fire via @nerdstalker | Why The #Amazon Fire Phone Could Be A #Smartphone Game Changer via

Kickstarter Unboxed: SPOR Chargers Insights with David Hunt

Happy 4th everyone! We interview David Hunt, co-founder of SPOR Chargers , on the completion of their Kickstarter campaign live from the birthplace of independence - Philadelphia, PA. David shares interesting anecdotes of their campaign and what they learned. David also discusses their interesting localized assembly/distribution model. You will even find out why David's mantra is "be like water."

SF New Tech Post Show: The Belgians Are Back!

Check out the 6/26 SF New Tech Event Post Show with our SocialGreg - Greg Viloria . We recap the Belgian Web Mission demos from  E ngagor , C ube , Tappctrl , PresentiGO , Odoo . Social Greg picks his pick of the night. Give it a view.

Startup Blog Insights - Thinking Agile is Important to Your Business

This month we explore agile thinking as it pertains to startups and entrepreneurs. We catch up with  Taffy Williams  of  Startup Blog  and for his insights on his article on "Thinking Agile is Important to Your Business" Taffy gives examples from his experience of Agile ways of thinking as applied to a startup business . Give it a view!