Cool link YubNub

Tired of saving your web favorites locally? YubNub is an Internet command line tool that allows you to assign "commands" (think keyword shortcuts) to any URL you like. For example, type in "/." and YubNub directs you to "adolfo" catapults you to this very page (I created it myself, naturally). As long as your command isn't already taken, you could dream up whatever little interweb nicknames you desire, assign them to your favorite URLs, and they'll be consistent no matter what computer you hop onto. Check out the current command list to see what others are adding, and then add YubNub to your Firefox search bar.


Unknown said…
Hello Adolfo! I was just testing out googles cool new feature of searching who on the web links to a given site.

I work at roshambo, so I decided to see who was linking the winery. So here I am emailing you, though I see how old this post is!!!! So, did you make it to last years tourney??? Tell Chris I said hello. I know him from my days at Keller Estate Winery in Petaluma.

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