A Night with Hank

The other night me and the wife went to The Palace Of Fine Arts to go see a spoken word performance by the legendary Henry Rollins. The talk was amazing he went for almost 3 hours straight, this guy is by far the hardest working man in show business, he's a musician, poet, author, and actor. As most of you know Henry is best known for being one of the singers of the legendary L.A. punk band Black Flag. And he currently sings for a band called The Rollins Band, I'm not the biggest fan of this current band but I appreciate the effort. This guy has been all over the world and has so many fantastic stories about everything from fat car worshipping walmart going middle america to subjecting himself to the horrors of a week long train ride through Siberia Russia. He's also done a ton of work for the USO entertaining our troops in IRAQ even though he is totally Anti Bush. He puts his money where his mouth is and is the true voice of Generation X/Y so go have a listen to some of his spoken word or read a book he wrote, you'll get something good out of it.


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