New Start Ups

I had the honor of attending a New Tech meetup at Mighty a few nights ago, it was a blast and had the opportunity to discover some exciting new companies.

Christian Schroeder, Founder
Nirvino is a free, website and mobile wine resource that aggregates wine critic reviews into a single score. Users can quickly find or confirm great bottles of wine when they are on the go as well as receive food pairing tips specific to that wine.

Cameo Wood, Product Manager
Zivity is a community-powered showcase of female beauty.

Jeff Malkin, Co-Founder
Razz is creating and leading a new category in photo enhancement called "audio-enriched photos." Users can mash well-known pop-culture audio clips and user-recorded voice with their favorite photos. With simple-to-use creatiion and consumption tools, Razz aims to be the YouTube of Talking Photos.

Alex Trolley, CEO / Founder
Skollar is a Web 2.0 tool that collates web documents, tagging and annotating both text and images in key idea context for research.

Chuck Freeman,
Director of Developer Platform
Ribbit offers an open platform for developing phone, voice and VOIP-based applications, making it easy for Web developers to integrate voice as an object into social, CRM, and 2.0 applications.


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