Startup Blog Insights - Building Your Startup House

Picture by Taffy Williams

We are happy to announce that we will be talking to Taffy Williams every month to get his "slant"   about startups, leadership and business creation -- we call this segment Startup Blog Insights. We hope to get some in-depth thoughts from Taffy about topics in his blog. This month we discuss two articles Taffy wrote recently for the called 5 Key considerations while creating a startup " and "8 Hats Entrepreneurs Often Wear."

Key Ingredients for Your Startup

"If you are not thinking about how you plan to structure this organization and how this person is buying into the business...structure is important at the onset"

"I worked for the government for 14 years and one of the things that was a hot button for me what was when I asked someone to do somethings would refuse to do something because it was not in their job description..(in a startup).your job is to do whatever it takes to make it successful"

"if you do the wrong thing at the wrong time it only takes one wrong move to demotivate your people for months"


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