The Most Toxic Person In The Workplace – by Simon Sinek


phoebee said…
Anyone who has a small condo 22 sq m or 25 sq m and is having a headache about how to decorate this condo room, make it look wider, more open, easy to clean. And can store more things Where we don't need a big renovation to waste the budget, Baania has 12 condo room decoration ideas . Small and broader in a small budget to share and try to tell

1. Make the walls white
Who is decorating a small condo 22 square meters, wall paint in light shades will make the room look wider and more comfortable. Therefore, if the walls are painted or installed wallpaper Should use a light color If possible, choosing white is best. Because it will make the room bright Looks wider than it really is Including also bringing various furniture Or attaching other picture frames Easily follow up tooรับออกแบบบ้าน
GUIDE1903 said…
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