Notion Launches Quick Way to Import All Your Evernote Data

On Wednesday, March 6, Notion released a host of new features to make it easier for Evernote users to switch over. This is a trend Notion has been observing since launching the 2.0 version of its all-in-one note-taking, wiki, and task management tool last spring. Now, if you want to migrate your data from Evernote to Notion, you can do so in just a few clicks: 

In addition to this feature, Notion also launched its own Web Clipper, allowing users to save any content on the web to their Notion workspace. This is available on both desktop with a Chrome extension (Safari and Firefox support to follow soon), and on mobile if you upgrade your iOS or Android app.

Here's how it looks on Android: 

On mobile, you can also use this tool to save photos from your phone to your Notion workspace.

These features, combined with Notion's ability to sync across apps on unlimited devices, makes it an appealing alternative to Evernote. The company is even offering a $5 credit to use its paid version for free for anyone who uses the Evernote importer. 

Most importantly, Notion says that its setup makes it much easier for individual note-takers to start using the product for team management and collaboration. A substantial number of the people who switch end up upgrading to team membership for this reason, taking advantage of real-time team editing tools, databases, and more. 

For personal use, Notion's paid plan starts at $4 a month, half of the $8 Evernote charges for its comparable package. Those interested in learning more and seeing a side-by-side comparison can go here: