Waraku and Namitatsu

I stumbled upon Waraku and it instantly became my new favorite store in LA. Sneakers and T-shirts are imported directly from Japan with a focus on brands and styles not typically available in the US. I was able to grab a pair of Nike Sabaku slip-ons (below, left) and also learned about Namitatsu, the Japanese surf brand.

Namitatsu, which translates to "wave master," is a line of t-shirts and sneakers featuring modern interpretations of traditional Japanese imagery. The most exciting of which are Yakuza surfers with Irezumi style full body tattoos designed by artist Hideo Takeda. Canvas slip-ons, lace-ups and high tops have these designs screened on to them. The Namitatsu site only seems to have t-shirts on it, but Waraku's online store has several styles for men and women.


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