I got a grill

It's a strange point in life when your body begins decaying, I know we always decay but when you lose a part of you it's a little different. My rear tooth was cracked and to save it I had to have a crown put on. Now when they put a crown on the dentist basically grinds what was your tooth down to a stump. On that stump they glue a crown, gold is the best because it's a soft metal and they dont have to take as much of the tooth out. The up side of all this is that I now have a bad ass gold tooth, sure I could have got one of those mamby pamby porceline ones or a white gold one but f that I went old school .... sigh.

I still need to buy a car seat asap, and trying to choose a stroller is a pain in the arse, too many choices makes adolfo a mad boy.

In the financial district I see cars running red lights all the time, I know it's just a matter of time before I see someone get creamed, I'm dreading it.


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