I was being Mr. Nice guy at home flattening some plastic in our recycle bin, but someone forgot to tell me that there was a broken vase in there. So as I shoved the palm of my hand down I drove it into the knife shaped glass, I didn't realize anything until it was inside and i felt and saw lots and I mean lots of blood starting to flow. I unstabbed myself then the blood really really started to flow, I said, "oh shit" the wife thought i was joking till she saw the purple flowing out of my hand down the sink. I knew I was beyond band aid country when the blood would not stop flowing, so I made a drip line to the bathroom for a clean towel and apply pressure. Wife said something about holding it above my heart, I suggested we take a ride to the emergency room. Wife made some sort of make shift bandage and I drove to the tenderloin one handed (thank you automatic). 2 hours later with many other wackos, broken limbers, suicide attempters, kidney stone folks, flu types, I finally got to see a doctor. He grabbed my hand, the good thing was the blood had stopped, the bad part was the fat pushing it's way out. He then spread the 1 inch open mouth I now had in my palm, the pain was so insane I couldn't even make a sound. He said I had to get stitches, xrays, and a Tetnis shot. All in all my right arm got stabbed about 6 times total, the Tetnis in my shoulder which still hurts like a mutha, my palm by glass of course, and 4 shots in and around the wound (that was freakin brutal), oh and the 3 stitches. Theres really nothing like seeing your skin being sewn together by a fish hook, yeah nice piss off i'm going to bed.


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