New bedness

So I had this uber expensive Harbor Plush Sealy mattress that turned to shite after a year, never got around to Sleep Train to tell them to suck it and take it back. So after 5yrs of misery I decided to pull the trigger on one of those memory foam mattresses, but after some research the big name Tempur-Pedic cheapest one was 2kish. I recall getting a Costco email ad and one of the products was a memory foam mattress by the name of Novaform. So I Googled the hell out of Novaform and read some pretty good reviews and the best part was that it was about a third thee cost of a tempur-pedic. I order the King sized Fresh Dreams version online knowing that it will be shipped to my house and that Costco has a god head return policy. It came super folded, deceptivly small and weighed 140lbs, 2 of us could not get it up the stairs. We had to borrow a dolly and get 3 of us to get it up the stairs, I could not imagine having to return this beast. I cut it out of he plastic wrap and hear a whoosh of air, the mattress begins to unfurl, they say it takes 24-72hrs to completely unfurl. There is also a very faint gas like smell probably from the packing process i read it takes about 2 weeks for that to go away. We ended up letting it settle for a day then slept in it, it feels awesome so far just as good as the tempurpedic so far. Will give updates soon.


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