Nerd Stalker Episode 3

Part 1 Backblaze

Gleb Budman, CEO/Co-Founder
Backblaze provides the "easiest" online backup service to enable everyone to backup. TechCrunch says Backblaze provides “Online Backup With Time Machine’s Finesse” and Ars Technica writes the company is “Making off-site backups brainless."

Part 2 Snappy Stuff

Brook Eaton, Founder/CEO
SnappyStuff provides a snap shot of what you own and a system to help sell, trade and share it.

Part 3 Govit

Taylor Norris, Founder/CEO
Govit brings direct democracy to US citizens, helping voters learn about, discuss, and vote on active legislation. Members can vote on active legislation and have their vote sent instantly to their elected representatives.

Part 4 Tipjoy

Ivan Kirigin, Co-Founder/CTO of Tipjoy.
Tipjoy is a micropayments service that makes it easy to leave tips for stuff you love online.


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