Lefora - Nerd Stalker #23

Nerd Stalker speaks to the "Top Dog" at Lefora, Vinnie Lauria. The Lefora Team got fed up with the lack of features available in message boards, such as vbulletin and phpbb forums. We use them everyday, from art forums, to game forums, to tech forums - they couldn't get over just how old school they were. Something needed to be done. So they created a free forum hosting service.

Nerd Stalker ONLY special! Email vinnie@lefora.com that you saw him on Nerd Stalker and get what is usually a premium feature, custom domain name hosting for FREE.

At first I thought forums would be the dullest of all topics (personal bias based on dealing with outdated forum applications see above), but Lefora has some really great stuff happening.
  • FREE - No limit on the amount of posts or members in your forum.
  • Quick & Easy - With just a click your free forum will be created - it's that simple.
  • Forum Hosting - No downloads, no setup - you don't have to do any work.
  • Customizable - Choose from different themes or create your own.
  • Community Moderation - Members thumb posts up and down.
  • No SPAM! - Allow anonymous posts; we will catch the spam for you.
  • RSS - Check you forum activity from new posts to new members, anywhere.
  • Get to the top of Google - They make your site SEO friendly to get it to the top of all the search engines.
  • Create a COMMUNITY - With the automatic newsletters, notifications, and cross forum advertising, they drive people to your free forum.
  • Newsletters - Automatic biweekly email of hot topics & new members.
  • Widgets - Embed the latest talk activity of your forum on any site (like MySpace).
  • Multimedia - Embed photos and videos with ease, just copy and paste.
  • Social Forums - Member profiles generated from the topics they participate in.


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