Twibbon - Tutorial / Review

(5mins) Recommend watching this in full screen mode.

Twibbon stormed on to the scene yesterday, on day one they got a ton of participation from the Twitter community. Twibbon is a brand spanking new free web service, for the person who wants to join a cause it really could not be easier.

For the person who wants to create a cause there is a very small ramp up and process that I'm sure will be smoothed out as the application matures. If your ok with manipulating images in your editor of choice you should not have much trouble creating your cause overlay.

Kudos to the Scotland based Storm Ideas for pumping out yet another innovative application, they are definitely a company we will continue to keep a close eye on. is the easiest way to promote awareness of your cause on twitter. Create a twibbon in 3 easy steps and soon all your supporters will be proudly wearing their twibbons on their twitter profile images. Simply describe your cause and upload a twibbon image and they do the rest.

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