Learn to Succeed at FailCon - Nerd Stalker #53


Nerd Stalker interview with Cassie Phillipps founder of the amazing FailCon conference happening on October 27th 8:30am - 6pm. We talk startup stories, amazing speakers, lessons learned.

“SNAP Summit: FailCon” is a full-day conference focusing on the trials and tribulations of successful entrepreneurs. You aren’t a real entrepreneur until you’ve had to deal with failure and recovering from it - financially emotionally and practically - can be challenging. Hear how some major players in the industry have dealt with startup troubles recovered and kept a positive tenacious and energetic attitude through it all.

The conference will debate questions such as:

* How do VCs handle failing investments?
* How NOT to build a social app
* What are some social web branding failures and how can you avoid them now?
* How do you financially prepare for the possibility of failure: legally fiscally and in your team?
* What have some of the leading executives today learned from their past experiences?
* What are you watching out for with the current social web and rising companies?
* How do you recover from a failed product or marketing campaign?
* And how do you let it all go if you must?

Our speakers include the founders of some of the leading social web and VC firms in the bay area including:

* Max Levchin; CEO of Slide
* Lynne Johnson; Senior Editor of Fast Company
* Mark Pincus; CEO of Zynga
* Sandy Jen and Seth Sternberg; co-founders of Meebo
* Adeo Ressi; Founder of TheFunded.com
* Christine Herron; Partner at First Round Capital
* Brandon Schauer; Experience Design Director at Adaptive Path
* Kevin Barenblat; CEO of Context Optional
* Lane Becker and Thor Mullen; co-founders of GetSatisfaction
* Max Ventilla; Founder of Aardvark
* and many more!

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