There Are More Dogs Than Kids? - Nerd Stalker #56

Interview with the CEO of Fido Factor, Justin O'Neill at this years FailCon conference in San Francisco.

From the Fido Factor site:
"The goal of Fido Factor is to:
  • To make dog friendly policies the norm rather than the exception. It's our magical little dream that dogs will eventually be welcome everywhere!
  • Provide dog owners with information on which places are dog friendly and how to visit each safely.
  • Let the community determine which dog friendly spots are the best of the best.
Here is what you can do on Fido Factor:
  • Find local dog friendly restaurants, stores, bars, parks, lodging and attractions as well as pet stores and dog services!
  • Use your iPhone or smartphone to find dog friendly locations on the go and submit reviews and add locations through our free iPhone/iPod Touch application.
  • Learn important dog policy information for each location, e.g. permitted dog size, leash policy.
  • Become a local ambassador and add to your city's dog friendly listings. Our system supports the entire country, but we need your help adding locations. If you know a place is dog friendly that we don't have, plug it in!
  • Read and write dog-specific reviews for each location you visit.
  • Share your reviews with your Facebook friends through Facebook Connect.
  • Post questions and let your opinion be heard in our forums.
  • If you're local to the Bay Area, take advantage of the Fido Factor San Francisco SPCA training discounts.
  • Charitably support The SF/SPCA when you add or review locations in our home base of San Francisco.
Fido Factor has made giving back to the community a top priority. Each time one of our members adds or reviews a location in San Francisco, Fido Factor will make a donation out of our own pocket to The San Francisco SPCA to shelter, care, and place homeless dogs in new homes."

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